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Biografia After a 10 years classical music training Yuksek begins its solo career in 2007 with the release of numerous EPs on French and foreign labels such as Relish, I'm a cliché, Kitsuné , Rise ... and many remixes for Chromeo , Phoenix, Kaiser Chiefs, Ghosface Killah , Gossip , Mika , Peaches ... Yuksek will produce nearly a hundred . In 2009 released his first album "Away from the sea" including the singles "Tonight" and "Extraball" that quickly become worldwide success . Alongside his solo opus and live tours Yuksek began a career as a producer with the BirdyNamNam second album, , the first Bewitched Hands album, the debut Juveniles album and many pieces for Kid Sister , Brodinski , The Magician , Benjamin Diamond, JD Samson ... Yuksek has also been involved in many other musical projects such as Girlfriend (with Clément Daquin), The Krays (with Brodinski) and Peter & The Magician (with Stephen Fasano, ex-Aeroplane). He released 2 EPs under Peter & The Magician on Kitsuné with dancefloor hits ‘Twist’ (2011) and ‘Memory’ (2012). June 13, 2011 released the second album from Yuksek , " Living on the edge of time" , including the singles " On A Train " and " Always on the run" that assert a more pop sound and the presence of Yuksek as a singer of his own compositions . After 2 years of international tours Yuksek created in 2013 its own label "Partyfine"  which confirms his taste for collaborations (Peter & The Magician , The Alexanders , The Krays ... ) and producer knowledge for young artists (Crayon , Villa, GetaRoom ! ... ) . His studio is the heart of Reims label, production center and B & B serving the collective. Yuksek starts in 2014 in writing soundtracks for  films and wrote the music for the Evian spot " Baby and Me " (+80 million views on You tube). With his experience as a classical musician, Yuksek started composing film scores in 2014, for example, Valérie Donzelli’s Marguerite et Julien, which was selected in the official competition for the Palme d’Or of the Cannes Film Festival in 2015. On June 22nd, 2015 his label’s second compilation, Partyfine vol. 2, will be released. It brings together artists who were on board from the genesis of the project. In parallel, Yuksek is working on writing his third album. Mgmt: Booking: Press: