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It’s not easy ploughing a furrow that ain’t already been ploughed in dance music, but Tim Paris makes it look easy. Nestling somewhere between the sideways slant of a sepia Sunday morning and the electrostatic seduction of a Saturday night, Tim has carved out a cultural niche that is his, and his alone. His original productions range from the jaw-droppingly original (It’s a Fine Line – Woman), to the heartbreakingly sublime (Tim Paris – Outback, Stones & Vinyl), and his remixes (the XX; Silicone Soul; Salif Keita; Telepop Musik) reflect his unique musical position. Tim’s label, Marketing Music, has quietly gone about releasing some of the most innovative and gloriously confounding electronic house music of the past decade, and his collaboration with ex Black Strobe bohemian Ivan Smagghe, It’s a Fine Line, has borne fruit, after juicy fruit. Dancers, his first full-length release, was signed by Canadian label My Favorite Robot and is an astonishing piece of work. Switching effortlessly from metallic electro purring, to slack-jawed new-wave disco, to shimmering, bewitching, house, it marks a new high point in a career rammed full of them.

Tim Paris