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Pablo started very young playing Classical Guitar and since then Music has been always with him, taking him to London to Study Sound Engineering, and soon to work as a DJ and producer, with Music Full Time playing in some top Lounges and Clubs with many well known artists of the panorama. Since then Pablo has been setting on fire many dancefloors all over the World, From Sonar to Colombia, Mexico, Paris, London, Italy, Ibiza, Madrid… and of course His passion to Create and innovate make him being in constant search for new magic sounds, new music , new artists, new ways and this has a big reflection in his Career, Signing progressively with bigger labels with like Cadenza Lab, Viva Music, Fathers&Sons, Low To High, Kina Musica, Hypertone, Serialism just to name a few…... Now is creating his own Label FrameSounds and is uniting new talents from all over the world, and has gigs in Ibiza, Colombia, Madrid, Barcelona and many more and of course Releases in some of the coolest label of the Scene Pablo has carried on developing and directing his energy and his love to music and continued absorbing music culture throughout every where he goes, learning percussion in different countries like Morroco o Cuba and for sure he has a constant in his live, Music Excellence is an attitude, magic touch his signature and fun is simply fun! Discography 2016-Pablo Marco&Javier Moreno-Mountain High, FrameSounds 002 Special VA 2016-PabloMarco-Breaksito-Banoffe Pies 2016-Pablo Marco Remix to Il Degare ODT Records 2016-Shaun Reeves & Pablo Marco - Day Before Last Ep, Sunday Money Music 2016-Pablo Marco- Room With a View - Yoruba Grooves 2016-Pablo Marco Remix to Groove Era- Yuskel Ep / Bonobo Concept 2015-Pablo Marco - SummerGaze Ep / FrameSounds-Vinyl Only 2015-Pablo Marco - Crossing the River Ep / Low to High 007-Vinyl Only Release 2015-Pablo Marco Remix to Onee - Vesel / Dreams are not Inside Music 2015-Pablo Marco-Time Tool/Satsang Music 180 Grams only Vinyl 2015-Pablo Marco Remix to Letkolben-Soul / Kommunikation Records 2015-Pablo Marco & Hash Hendrex- Daje Avu Ep / Cadenza Music 2015-Remix to Letkolben - Darwin Theory / Kommunikation Records 2014-Pablo Marco-Organic Extracts / Low to High Records 2014-Pablo Marco-FareWell Dub/Kina Music 2014-Pablo Marco-Levres Ep / Kommunikation Records 2014-Pablo Marco -Last Dub/Low to High Records Tool Box003 only Vinyl 2014-Pablo Marco- Submundos / Low to High Records Tool Box 002 only Vinyl 2014- Amibola by Pablo Marco gets mixed into the ENTER CD series mixed by Apollonia 2013-Pablo Marco - Amibola / Low to High Records ToolBox 001-Vinyl Release 2013-Unknown -Fathers & Sons 005-Indigo Ep 2013-Pablo Marco - Younger Bross - Point G / Low to High Records Iodo&Dorowsky-Juego 2012-Pablo Marco - Principel / Viva Music Viva Warriors Compilation mixed by Steve Lawler 2009-Pablo Marco- Space Flakes-Mikael Stravostand Remix / SounderGround Records

Pablo Marco