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“Nicolas lutz has been influenced by his father's record collection”....Errr., NOT.. As much as I wouldn't like to discard one's childhood influences to forming one's artistic make up (that is not Nico's case anyway, hehe) I would still prefer to focus on other aspects which are equally, if not more important when talking about this specific artist. What that artist name (and real name) entails is a very deep trip into an extremely creative mind, a very interesting one. The main and very special aspect of what makes Nicolas Lutz him artistically is the ethos in how he stands by his music, his vision. Nicolas' medium of choice is vinyl and the cultural tradition it brings with it. In such a digital age the tendency from the general public to think that Djs that only use vinyl are ‘dinosaurs’or ‘behind’ or ‘limited’ is apparent and the beauty about Nicolas is that he proves them wrong leaving them wondering what has hit them on a dance floor. Here is where the most special thing that makes up for the artist he is. A true record collector over decades, Nicolas' obsession with records and music not only makes him be so diverse across genres in his music choice but it turns him into a unique of a Dj, a ‘Dj's Dj’. Such music diversity becomes even more extensive when we think that Nicolas was born in Montevideo / Uruguay, lived in metropolis such as Sao Paulo, London, Berlin and now Paris or spent a few summers in Ibiza. This diverse cultural exposure is reflected on his sets and him as a person, a kind of a hybrid identity, a mixture of it all. During those years Nicolas played and held residencies in the most varied places such as Lov.e, Hell’s Club or D-edge in Sao Paulo, worked in records shops and when back in Europe after 6 years and deciding to spend a summer in Ibiza in 2008, he was made resident of Monza at Space as well as playing regularly for the likes of Zoo Project or Underground. Experiencing his sets filled with grand soundscapes and the rarest records I have seen, Nicolas is an artist which builds himself alongside the history of those records, the history acquired to trying to find certain records and that is exceptionally unique even when comparing to other vinyl djs as he takes it further to the collector status. But having great records not always guarantee an amazing musical trip and that is where he hits AGAIN! Nicolas has been playing records since the mid 90’s , these 20 years are undeniably a huge contribution to his enviable and impeccable techniques at Djing. Saying that, it does not come as a surprise Nicolas is one of the residents of the acclaimed Club Der Visionaere in Berlin and the London warehouse party Toi.Toi.Musik.

Nicolas Lutz