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Mark Jenkyns

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For Gig Requests - At the core of every good night, the heart of your best memories, is losing yourself to rhythm and leaving your everyday troubles behind. When you immerse yourself by joining the crowd in a singular moment that no-one can take from you. Much like every DJ worth their salt Mark Jenkyns was sucked into the lifestyle as soon as he experienced it in its purest form. Ibiza has a reputation for sparking the inner DJ in all who encounter it’s undeniable charm, causing hobbyists to step up their game in the hopes of chasing the dream. Out of the countless thousands that make the attempt only the finest talent rises to the top. Now with an on-going residency for Paradise at DC10 Mark Jenkyns is officially regarded as a part of the underground elite. By upholding a high standard on every production and performance he’s carving his name into the clubland consciousness. Whether alone or as part of his sister project with Christopher Sylvester, Mark Jenkyns is as committed to studio time as he is the club. Constantly tweaking and perfecting his records to ensure they get bodies moving everywhere from the main room to the after party. Although the idea of providing a good time seems simple on the surface, it’s those that want to do everything to make it happen, to its full potential, that will keep the floor full and the party at its peak. That level of dedication guarantees that when Mark Jenkyns wants the club to go off, it’s a safe bet that it will.

Mark Jenkyns