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[ENG] Like every top Dj, Maya enjoys his residency in the island of Ibiza. Every Saturday, he is in charge, along with his ElRow colleagues, to make the crowd dance in the clubs which have won the title of the best club in the world in the last 4 years as Space Ibiza, and now Amnesia. Always attracted to the grooviest rhythms, Marc makes it quite difficult while classifying his style in a particular genre. Dynamic and versatile throughout his sets, this is the key to his worldwide success. Not to forget his continued national awards nominations from the VMA. His entrepreneurial charisma and toughness in the studio have also a lot to do with Marc’s career next to the big names of the scene. Recently he launch an ep “She is back” on the respected British label Saved de nick fanciulli, and his track “last trip” has been included in the annual compilation of the mythical festival Tomorrowland. Besides, several labels like Time Has Changed, Stick Records, Great Stuff, 1605, Upfront Records, Newviolence, elRow Music or Florida Music already have releases signed by Marc Maya.

Marc Maya