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DJ Mad Dog's Upcoming Gigs Sat 16 Jan, 16 DJ Mad Dog @ Halle B, Baden, Austria Powered by GigaTools Filippo today known as Dj Mad Dog, is one of the main artists on the Hardcore scene, he started his career at 16 with a group called "Hardcore Terrorists" having a huge popularity in his town. On summer 2000 he decided to create a new project for Traxtorm Records with a new name: DJ Mad Dog. From 2000 Filippo has produced many Hardcore hits like "The memory disappears", "Dangerous", "Enter the time machine", "Here come the madness" and he has worked with leggendary artists like: Nosferatu, Noize Suppressor, Tommyknocker and The Stunned Guys doing others big hits like "Lack of Existence", "Fire", "Headz". 2011 was the year of "A night of madness" his first album full of mega hits like: "A night of madness" "Bassdrum bitch" "Hardcore machine" "Game over" Thanks to these productions DJ Mad Dog exported his sound in many continents around the globe from Sud and north America to Asia and Europe where he is playing almost 100 times each year. Filippo's music is everything about Hardcore, from Mainstream to Industrial and thanks to his versatility he has performed in all the best Hardcore Festivals like: Thunderdome, Defqon.1, Masters of Hardcore, Decibel, Dominator, Syndicate and many more.

Mad Dog