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MANAGEMENT & BOOKING Fernando Yáñez Producer Alejandro Rodríguez aka Kresy is one of the most notorious names in recent Spanish electronic music. He gave his first steps in the electronic scene in 2001, when he first started to dj and produce simultaneously, releasing a number of tracks with British label MultiVitamins, with a sound halfway between minimal and downtempo house music. In 2012 his career takes off with the release of the EP Lords of Percussion and Basement Trax, both on Hivern Discs. In 2014 he releases the EP Ode to New York in the pretigious British label Freerange Records, managed by Jimpster and he starts his own label Discomaths. During 2015 he stablishes residency in the Lanna Club in Northern Spain and releases an EP with Room Service, a sub-label from Let’s Play House. We get to 2016 with his own first reference in Discomaths and releasing a new Project on Hivern Discs, Bep Kororoti, oriented towards slow lo-fi techno and African taste; his own label Discomaths working towards their sixth reference and three more Kresy EPs coming soon for, Feline, Certain music and Raw rootz. As a dj he has played clubs and festivals all over Spain (Sonar, Aquasella , BBK, Nitsa, Siroco, Replay, Miniclub, Piknik electronic...) and prestigious clubs abroad like, Panorama bar, Corsica studios and Trow.