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I have removed most of my DJ sets... You can listen to the rest of my online mixes on my mixcloud... I've been active as a DJ since 1997. Was a member of RDYO DJs (dynamic collective which was a vital part of Slovenian club scene from 1996 on) and I am active member of association GOR ( In all this time I've performed at various clubs, and other musical events all over Slovenia and also Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo, UK, Germany, Italy, Czech republic, Austria and France where I've performed with many home grown and foreign DJs and artists. For some years now I've been collaborating with MC/DJ/Beatmaker SunnySun ( on various projects and shows. Together we also organize DJ Telovadnica (DJ Gym) biweekly DJ workshop. Between 2001 and 2003 I've also worked as a radio DJ on the hip hop show, which was a part of a Radyoyo weekly radio show, airing from Monday till Thursday (from 1996 till 2003). My musical selection includes Hip Hop, Funk, Disco, Soul and Original breaks. Trough out the years I've put out various promo tapes, CDs and online mixes. You can check some of my mixes on