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Introduction: Bringing a visionary, never-heard-before crossbreed of progressive, electro& trance to his musical activities, Holland’s Jochen Miller embodies thenew decade’s freeform, Big Room sound. From his earliest turntable days he’s disregarded traditional EDM borders to bring countless global dancefloors to critical mass.A spinner without parallel, he’s comprehensively conquered his home-country,playing tent-pole events including Trance Energy, Mysteryland & Dance Valley before venturing abroad. Production-wise, Jochen is most readily associated with his 15+ releases on High Contrast Recordings. Over the last 6 years tracks like ‘Lost Connection’, ‘Humanoid’,‘Brace Yourself’, and most recently the Energy 2011 anthem‘Classified’, and 'Upad' have wowed clubbers globally and shaken dance floors to their core. The DJ: In2000 Jochen became the first ever resident at Nijmegen’s scene-setting, and now widely renowned, Matrixx club. From there he’s gone on to become a fixture atmany of Holland’s cooler, underground venues. With his fashionable style,charismatic nature and affinitive, authoritative deck approach, he quickly madea name for himself at spots like DansSalon, Westrunie & Marcanti. From that base he’s begun to export his new musical synthesis globally, paying regular visits to Russia, Italy, The UK, Germany, Poland (most recently for Sunrise and En-trance) & the Czech Republic to spin. Following a rapid burgeoning of hisfan-base, the latter half of 2010 saw him sign to the David Lewis Productions DJ agency - home to A-list spinners including Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz & Gareth Emery. Productions: Following his earliest turn-of-the-millennium productions (‘Surround Me’& 7th Heaven’ among them), hisdiscography went into overdrive with the launch of broad-range music label,High Contrast. ‘India’, ‘Chromatic’, ‘Alive’, ‘And Then’ (incollaboration with Rank 1) and ‘Face Value’ all provided heavy-impact floorartillery for tougher-minded DJs like Marco V, Sander van Doorn & JudgeJules. The multi-genre character of his sound was brought most keenly intofocus when, in late 2010 his ‘Classified’ single was announced as thesoundtrack to ID&T’s newly diversified Energy ‘11 event. Another significant career evolution beckons midway through 2011 with the release of Jochen’s widely-anticipated debut artist album. Compilations: Jochen has been mixing compilations as far back as2002 (when he put together the first Matrixx CD). He now has six under his belt- the most recent being 2009’s High Contrast Recordings Presents Jochen Millerand the co-mixing of EnTrance Presents High Contrast alongside Rank 1 in March of 2010. RadioShow: In the autumn of 2010 Jochen began a new monthly radio endeavor… Stay Connected is broadcast on an ever expanding list of stations, which already include Dance Tunes Radio, Trance FM, Radio Hi-Tec, Trancesonic andSATO Radio. With the program also available as a podcast download, the sixty minute show delivers his unique sound-fusion worldwide every month.

Jochen Miller