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Jason Apple, aka Ground Control, is a San Francisco based bass music producer and DJ. His productions draw heavily from bassline and early rave music, with stops on the way at dubstep, funky, electro, and breakbeat. Ground Control's debut record, "Be Nice," was released on En:Vision Records in June 2008. He has since released music on such labels as Play Me and Sleevin Records, with forthcoming releases on Hot N Heavy and Illeven:Eleven. As a DJ, Ground Control has played at some of the Bay Area's biggest parties, including Icebreakers Ball, Freqo de Mayo, Ghostship, and Breakfast of Champions, sharing the stage with Tipper, Adam Freeland, Jack Beats, Calvertron, DJ Icey, Bassbin Twins, and Reid Speed to name just a very few. He has maintained a 3 year monthly residency, TRBL (pronounced "trouble") at Anu, while his streaming radio show, Hangover Town on NSB Radio, reaches hundreds of listeners around the world. Further, his work on the Janky Barge Art Car has made it one of the most beloved mobile sound systems at Burning Man.

Ground Control