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Nina Kraviz is one of the most acclaimed techno female DJs and producers of the international techno scene. Originally from Irkutsk, Siberia, she appeared on the scene middle 2000s and set the pace as DJ, as well as producer. Owner of the label Trip (трип), over the last years she has become one of the references of the techno industry. She features gigs in some of the most important festivals such as Time Warp, Sónar Festival, Awakenings, Primavera Sound and Coachella, and produced some of the most remarkable tracks of the last decade, such as “Ghetto Kraviz” or “I Wanna Go Bang”, Bjarki’s release on Trip. Born in the late 80s and originally from Irkutsk, Nina Kraviz was into music already as a kid. Starting with rock music with electronic influences, she then got closer to acid, Detroit techno, IDM, Chicago house, funk, classic disco and also EBM. Finally, she discovered underground disco and new-wave which, together with the other genres, forged her sound over the years. While studying Medicine in the 90s, she became a radio host and a journalist for Ptuch, a legendary Russian music magazine. In the year 2000, after having moved to Moscow, she became a record collector and, while continuing her career as journalist, she also started working as assistant in an artist agency. In the same years, she started collecting funk music and was organizing funk parties with a friend. It’s when she got into the band My Space Rocket as singer, songwriter and co-producer, that she started producing her own music. Although, the turning point of her career was when, in 2006, she participated to the Red Bull Music Academy in Melbourne. It was an intense experience which brought her to give Greg Wilson her band’s demo and in 2007 “Amok”, co-produced with the actual Vakula, was released on B7. The following year, after having left the band, she started uploading her music to MySpace under the alias Damela Ayer, while following also her career as a dentist and working at the Hospital for Veterans of Wars. On Friday nights though, she was hosting her parties at the legendary Propaganda club in Moscow. It was always 2008 when her demos were accepted by Jus-Ed on Underground Quality and by Radio Slave (Matt Edwards) on Rekids. This opened the international doors. In 2011, the 2 EPs “I’m Week” and “Ghetto Kraviz” became underground hits and in 2012 she released her debut album on Rekids. Another turning point happened in 2014, when Nina Kraviz decided to launch Trip (трип), her own record label, thanks to which various names were introduced on the electronic scene, such as Bjarki and Nikita Zabelin. 2015 was marked by Bjarki’s track “I Wanna Go Bang”, released on Trip and recognized as one of the biggest techno tracks of the year. What came after for Nina Kraviz was a continuous improvement for her already well-defined career. Shows such as the one in Coachella in 2019, where she brought a new concept of live show, or her new b2b formula as the one with Helena Hauff, proved what this artist is made of. Not only, her constant sound evolution and her continuous research of new musical approaches, make of Nina Kraviz one of the most versatile and appreciated names of the electronic music world.

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