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Highlights, tips & info to live authentic going out experiences in Rome

What time do people go out and how is the nightlife in Rome?

Rome, the eternal city. From the infamous and immoral nights in Suburra, in the ancient Rome, to the incredible variety of bars, pubs, restaurants and clubs of today. The Roman nightlife has always been lively and evolving over the centuries. We are talking about the most populous and touristic city of the whole country, the capital. Multiethnic and with a huge number of young people, especially university students from all over the world. No matter what day it is, going out in Rome means you are always spoilt for choice on what to do, despite the weekend is the highlight for the nightlife in town. During the summer, Rome also becomes the scene of huge open-air concerts, that are often held in public and historical places like Circo Massimo, heritage of the city, which makes it even more impressive. Enjoy yourself with the traditional "happy hour", an Italian-style aperitif may be the best way to start your evening here. From 7 pm, you can sit in one of the many wine bars in the historic centre for a glass of good Italian wine, or the more classic Spritz, accompanied by finger food or, more rarely, a buffet of typical Italian foods. In Rome, we usually dine late, around 9 pm. This makes our nightlife come alive a bit late. While waiting for the opening of club and disco doors, which tend to get crowded between 1 and 2 am depending on the days, you can entertain yourself with a pre-party of your choice. Pubs and lounge bars for all budgets abound among the streets and squares of the historical districts, and the Italian craft beer deserve your attention at least one evening. However, the scene is literally stolen by the spectacular terraces and rooftops, from which you can enjoy your favorite cocktail, with a breathtaking view on a history which is unique in the world. If you're a fan of homemade pre-parties, remember that municipal ordinances require activities to stop the sale of take-away alcohol at 10 pm. Here, as in the rest of Italy, clubs close at 5 am due to the law.

Which are Rome’s best neighborhoods to go out?

In Rome there is music for all tastes. Over the last few years, the techno and underground scene has grown rapidly, embracing more niche electronic music. Obviously a lot of space is dedicated to the most popular genres such as reggaeton, hip-hop, trap and edm. From the small boutique clubs, home of the most alternative parties of the city, to the large post-industrial venues which host live concerts of great pop artists. No matter what you're looking for, a more intimate situation or the chaos of a huge event, you'll almost always have a great choice in Rome. Before talking about the historical clubs that have made Rome's nightlife famous, we suggest you to visit some of the less touristic areas, where you can enjoy a pre-party in the true Roman atmosphere. Campo dei Fiori, for example, is the perfect place for a beer or a drink with some friends. A very suggestive square, full of bars and lively almost every evening of the week. If you are looking for a more informal and young atmosphere instead, San Lorenzo is the right choice for you. Being close to La Sapienza University makes it the city's university district par excellence. In recent years also Pigneto has been renovated, becoming one of the trendiest areas of the city, especially because of its strong multicultural environment. Here you can spend a peaceful evening combining music and art, thanks to its contemporary art galleries, cultural centers and clubs where you can listen to live jazz music while reading a good book. The dance clubs are concentrated in some districts of the city, just outside the center. Many are in the Ostiense area, especially the hipster and alternative ones. From the historical Goa Club to the spectacular Circolo degli Illuminati, going through Rashmond, the LOV music club and the Cluster Garage. All these clubs make Via Libetta an important street for Rome's nightlife, to be marked in red on your diary. To get here from the centre just take the subway, metro B, to Piramide stop. In recent years, also EUR has gained an space in the Roman club scene, with its modern and impressive buildings of the 20th century. Like the futuristic Spazio Novecento, home of the international techno scene, Room 26, for house music lovers, L'Atlantico, which hosts numerous live concerts and Palazzo dei Congressi, which often hosts various kinds of major musical events. Finally, we must also mention Testaccio, historical district of the Roman nightlife with its Monte Testaccio street, always alive and full of clubs and cafes.

How expensive is to go out in Rome?

Going out in Rome can be very expensive, especially in the central and more touristic areas. Although, following some simple tips you can reduce your evening's costs, according to your availability. A well made aperitif, for example, is definitely a great way to save money. With just a few euros, generally from 8 to 10€, you can start to eat and drink, reducing the pre-party drinks or the servings during dinner, usually much more expensive. Also the area is important. University or simply less central districts, have significantly lower prices compared to touristic ones. As for alcohol, the cost for a drink in a bar is around 7 or 8€, 4€ for a beer and 2€ for a shot. If you prefer the do-it-yourself option, a bottle of wine in the supermarket costs around 5 or 6€, while a bottle of spirits costs between 14 and 18€. To get into a club, however, the price varies depending on the area, the type of evening and the time you get in. Generally the price is between 10 and 20€, excluding drinks. Major events very often cost more than 30€. Inside the clubs, a drink will cost you an average of 10€, a beer 5€ and a shot 3€. Consider also a budget to travel around the city. Public transport is quite poor at night and taxis can be expensive if the trip is long.

What's the dress code in Rome?

When going out in the evening, the Romans, like the rest of the Italians, love to pay attention to their clothing. This does not mean that elegance is a must. You will find many clubs, especially the hipster and underground ones, where casual clothes are absolutely normal. The risk of being bounced at a club entrance because of the dress code tends to be very low throughout the city. Be yourself as much as possible even when you go dancing. What we recommend though, is to balance the group between males and females so you won't have problems entering the club.