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What time do people go out and how is the nightlife in Milan?

Welcome to Milan, the Italian capital of fashion and nightlife. From the "Milano da Bere" of the early 80's, where everything was possible, up to modern days, the city of Milan has always been a great point of reference for Italian and international nightlife. Throughout the year, Milan offers events basically every day, from Monday to Sunday, with Friday and Saturday being historically the two best days to go out. Especially for musical events, where you may find yourself literally spoilt for choice. In the city, the night usually starts with the traditional Milanese Happy Hour. Many bars, starting from 6 pm, offer this reinterpretation of the classic Italian aperitif, and with just 10 € you can enjoy your favorite cocktail sitting comfortably. You'll also be able to access a rich buffet made of typical Italian products that, believe us, are enough to start the night in the best of ways. If you are looking for a more simple option, you can enjoy a Spritz and an appetizer on one of the many terraces or rooftops in the heart of the city. The typical after-dinner bar is the Lounge Bar. Here you can relax and get out of your comfort zone, tasting some of the trendiest cocktails done by the best Milanese bartenders or, maybe, test one of the famous molecular cocktails. In Milan you can drink really well, take the best advantage of it. Once you're ready for the party, it's time for the most difficult choice: the club. It won't be easy, but don't worry, especially on Fridays nights clubs generally get crowded from 1 am onwards, so you can take it easy. By law they close at 5 am, but if it's too early for you don't despair, in Milan there is always an after party somewhere. Talk with people outside clubs!

Which are Milan’s best neighborhoods to go out?

Milan is probably Italy's most open-minded city. This also reflects into the musical scene, which is why you can find a huge variety of parties and events of different genres. EDM, techno, house, hip hop, jazz, reggaeton and trap dominate the local scene. What distinguishes Milan from the rest of Italy, is the presence of a vibrant experimental scene which embraces many musical sub-genres that you will rarely meet elsewhere. One of the liveliest nightlife areas is surely Isola, where you'll find the famous Corso Como, the main street of Milan's nightlife since the times of Milano da Bere. Hollywood, Just Cavalli, Armani Privè, Loolapalosa, 11Clubroom, B38, The Club, VibeRoom and the legendary Alcatraz, home of the best live concerts in the city, are just some of the elegant and touristic clubs you can find here. Moving along the city's ring road (the perfect road if you don't want to get stuck in the traffic), you will find many post-industrial venues, more alternative and underground, including Tunnel club, Apollo, Santeria, Macao, Magazzini Generali, Social Music City, Amnesia and Discosizer. Don't forget to take a look at clubs such as Magnolia or Masada, the right places if you are looking for a more experimental and alternative experience.

How expensive is to go out in Milan?

Despite being one of the most expensive cities in Italy, Milan is still cheaper than other big cities in Europe. Close to the most famous, futuristic and expensive areas of the city, there are still several areas where, especially when it comes to partying, you can have fun spending very little. Starting the evening with an aperitif you will spend a maximum of 10€. A standard dinner, with main and second course, can cost you between 25 and 35€, but depending on where you go, you can spend much less. A real Neapolitan pizza on the Navigli doesn't cost more than 15 €, drinks included. Believe us, it could become addictive. If you prefer going out after dinner, the average cost of a drink in a bar is between 8 and 12€, in a lounge bar between 10 and 15€, while an Italian craft beer generally costs between 4 and 6€. To enter clubs you pay between 10 and 20 €, depending on the area, the guest DJ, the type of evening and, of course, at what time you get in. Drinks are almost never included in the entrance price and in the clubs they usually cost between 10 and 15€; beers cost 5€ and shots cost 3€. If you are with a group of friends, you could consider entering with a VIP table, which usually starts from a price of € 200 for 5 people.

What's the dress code in Milan?

Milan is the city of fashion. Here for many the dress code is a distinctive trait of their personality. If you are heading towards one of the luxurious and fashionable areas, we recommend an elegant dress code. If you don't take care of your look, you could be bounced at the door of many clubs. If your destination is a more hipster or underground club instead, you'll find a more casual atmosphere, as well as the dress code. Don't forget a touch of alternative style that will surely be noticed and appreciated. Also, keep in mind that winter here can be very cold, while summer can be really, really hot.