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What time do people go out and how is the nightlife in Ibiza?

The party season in Ibiza runs from May to the end of October, from Monday to Sunday, without exception. In May, the greatest clubs in the world open their doors on the Isla Blanca to host many of the most famous macro parties of the international clubbing scene. At the end of May, the International Music Summit takes place, a large conference in Dalt Vila in which the entire industry meets, to welcome the summer between the old walls of Ibiza's fort. On the other hand, the closing parties arrive at the middle of September, finishing during the weekend of the 12th of October, coinciding with the Día de la Hispanidad (a public holiday throughout Spain). After then, only Pacha Ibiza and some more posh venues keep their doors open every weekend. Also Ibizans have the right to dance! The island's nightclubs usually open between 11 pm and midnight and have been obliged by law to close at 7 am for several years now. Those glorious years in which the island danced until noon are a far off. Clubs start to fill up around 1:30 am. We recommend you arrive before 3 am, as queues can last forever after that time. If you want to avoid it, buying tickets online in advance is the solution. But don't worry of being left out. Clubs always sell tickets at the door and, thanks to their very large capacity, sold-out events aren't very common in Ibiza. As in the rest of Spain, drinking alcohol on the street is illegal, so we suggest you to take advantage of the happy-hours in the bars before entering the club. After-hours aren't allowed either (although that doesn't mean you can't find one by asking at club exits). If you go to the beach to see the incredible sunrises offered by the island, it is important to be aware that sleeping on the beaches of Ibiza is illegal. The police patrol regularly, especially in the morning.

Which are Ibiza’s best neighborhoods to go out?

Ibiza is the centre of the international electronic music industry. All the greatest DJs and producers of the house and techno scene constantly visit the island throughout the summer to perform in the best clubs of the world, such as Privilege, Amnesia, Hï, Pacha or DC10. Not by chance, many of them consider themselves official residents of these clubs. In recent years, however, Ibiza has experienced a certain shift towards alternative musical currents, such as hip hop or, more specifically, reggaeton. As far as the areas of the island are concerned, Ibiza concentrates most of its fiesta in the south-west part of the island. Between the capital Ibiza, Sant Jordi and Sant Rafel, there are all the major clubs which have made the island famous all over the world, such as Amnesia, Hï, Privilege, DC10, Ushuaïa or Pacha. Also Sant Antoni, located in the northwest area, has lot of parties, especially for the British public. However, we suggest you to look for accommodation in quieter areas such as Santa Gertrudis or Santa Eulàlia. You'll spend more on taxis than on partying, but saving in accommodation and the peace in the day-to-day will make it worth it.

How expensive is to go out in Ibiza?

Ibiza's clubs are the best and most exclusive in the world, so don't be surprised if you pay up to 10€ for a water, 15€ for a beer or more than 20€ for a drink. Also ticket prices are higher in Ibiza, ranging from €50 to €80 and always without a drink. Smaller clubs are cheaper and often offer discounts. In bars though, prices are more affordable. A beer can cost 10€ and a drink 12€. Yes, we know, it sounds like a joke, but we still haven't met anyone who came to the island and then regretted it.

What's the dress code in Ibiza?

There is no strict dress code in any of the most famous clubs and it is very unlikely that you will be bounced at the door because of your style. The only parameter to follow is to avoid sportswear and football shirts or similar. In case you want to access the VIP area of the clubs, we recommend avoiding shorts and flip-flops. Otherwise, feel free. This is Ibiza. You are coming to dance. Make yourself comfortable!