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What time do people go out and how is the nightlife in Turin?

Turin is one of the most active and underground industrial capitals of Italy. Since a few years, this city’s nightlife has literally exploded, becoming a must for every party lover. It hosts events such as Kappa Futur Festival in Parco Dora, Movement Festival or Club To Club. The venues known as Circoli Arci are very common here, and if you want to pay less and be sure to access all the events organized there, you must have a membership. These venues are usually managed by very small socially involved organizations. They often host also cultural events. In Turin, as in almost the whole of Northern Italy, dinner is served from 7 pm onwards. Especially during the weekend, many people replace it with the famous “aperitivo”, where you can eat and drink spending very little. Some of the most popular are KM5, Lobelix, Luce e Gas and Marhaba. Young people fill up the squares very early and many of them go to clubs before midnight to access with free entry. Most of the clubs don’t close late, around 4 am, but a few go on all night long. It is very common to hang out at 6 am having breakfast in some bakery or chatting on a bench under the first rays of the sun. Of course, it is strictly forbidden to drink and drive. Here in Turin, there are many police checks and many patrols, so be smart (and don’t try it in any case). The Municipality has provided citizens with the Night Buster, a bus service that runs until 5 am during weekends.

Which are Turin’s best neighborhoods to go out?

Turin makes everyone happy because in this city there’s something for all tastes: discos, clubs, associations, social clubs, wineries, bars, ethnical bars... And it’s the same for the music: live concerts, rock, reggae, techno, drum and bass, commercial music, EDM, electronic music, and so on. You can choose a quiet option, such as the Arci Café Liber or one of the many bars or wineries, perfect for a nice chat. Otherwise, many social clubs host a lot of different events: El Paso, Hiroshima, Barrumba and Barocchio are amongst the most well-known. Friday’s appointment is always at the Supermarket. Instead, for the lovers of the more traditional clubs, there are La Gare, Naxos e Capriglio in a beautiful antique villa, and Hennessy. If this is still not enough for you, here choices are really countless. The Parco del Valentino is certainly one of the most popular night spots. Inside the park, you can find some of the trendiest places, such as Fluido and Cacao, open in summer. Chalet is well known for its theme nights, different every day. You will find many places on the riverside, such as the historic Da Giancarlo with its vintage air. For alternative music fans, instead, there is Phuddu Bar. In this area, there are also the Imbarchini, a beautiful place where to attend djambe concerts. During summer, everyone goes to the Murazzi, between Corso Vittorio and Piazza Vittorio. Under the antique arcades, there’s something going on the whole night. On one side of Piazza Vittorio, you can enjoy an aperitivo at The Beach, until late at night and with techno and tech-house music. On the opposite side instead, in clubs such as Jammin or Pier, you can find more commercial music. As we already said, clubs don’t close late, but if you aren’t tired yet you must go to Da Giancarlo, where you’ll find sleepless people - just as you - aged between 15 and 45. Another very well-known place is Alcatraz, where in its various rooms it offers different music genres, according to the night. Another popular area of Turin’s nightlife is Docks Dora, in the Valprato street. It’s a renovated ex industrial area where you can find a lot of clubs and places where to spend the night until dawn. Here there are Cafè Blue, Docks Home and Dock, where you can access only with the membership card.

How expensive is to go out in Turin?

Turin offers a lot of different alternatives for every pocket, making everyone happy. There are many free nights, as many as those in which you decide how much to give, especially the self-managed social clubs. Prices change when it comes to clubbing. Usually, they are in between 10€ and 25€. Going out for drinks can be more or less expensive. In some bars, you can get cocktails for 5€, and in other more sophisticated ones, for 15€. In the wineries, usually a glass of wine will cost 4€. We suggest you to do the aperitivo in Tre Galli, Roberto, Caffè Elena o Achille Café, where you could eat with only 5€. Also, in the self-managed social clubs, prices are lower, beers can cost you as little as 2€. To save some money on your outings, we absolutely recommend you to get your membership cards, especially ARCI and AICS. Apart from this, you have to keep in mind that in many of these clubs you won’t get in without it. In any bar, you can still find the flyers with discounts. Hunt for them whilst warming up the night! In Italy, taxies aren’t cheap, and Turin isn’t an exception. If you don’t have one of the many car/bike sharing services, on Fridays and Saturdays (and even pre-holiday nights) you can always take advantage of the bus service, which operates the whole night on 11 lines. Don’t worry, you can buy the ticket in any 24h automatic tobacco vendor for 1.70€.

What's the dress code in Turin?

The multicultural nature of Turin makes it a city where there are no great rules of style: everyone can feel free to dress as (s)he wishes. It's the type of music that dictates the rules and defines the type of customers of the place. Exception is made for commercial clubs, where they could make a fuss if you're not well dressed (with a shirt and long trousers for example).