How brand-artist collaborations are changing the game in the music industry?

Have you ever wished with all your heart that two of your favourite artists would collaborate? And why not your favourite DJ with your most bought brand? The electronic music scene has recently given us some of the most curious and attractive crossovers through collaborations that we could never have imagined. In this article, we show you some of our favourites. 

Why these collaborations? 

Nowadays, differentiating yourself as an artist is a big challenge. Besides having to face huge competitors, you not only need to find a way to stand out and take care of the musical aspect, but also the social media, the way you communicate your values and, in general, other ways to reach out to your audience and at the same time earn income. 

That’s where brands step in. Beyond the obvious economic returns they have on artists and events, brands are undoubtedly one of the most powerful resources in the entire music industry. In some ways, the artist-brand relationship is similar to the artist-label relationship. It is an ideal way for the artist to diversify his or her audience in a business that is increasingly driven by “snacking” and not long-term consumption, and to develop reactive marketing campaigns that make an impact and stand out among so much on offer. 

From the brands’ point of view, partnering with an artist is a catapult to a wider, younger and more open audience in the case of electronic music, and a way to increase the value of their products. It can also benefit from the artist’s positive image and reputation, aligning the brand’s values with those represented by the celebrity. 

However, there is one key aspect that should not be forgotten on both sides: collaboration has to be real. Brand and artist have to align their values and aesthetics so that what emerges makes sense and consumers feel that it is authentic and that they are not being sold to an audience that does not really represent them. Would you pair Klangkuenstler with a teddy bear brand? You certainly wouldn’t, would you?

The collaborations you can’t miss:

In a world where Gen Z is bombarded with information and endless options, it’s not surprising that they require something beyond the typical merchandise or headphones to capture their attention. Audio brands and artists will logically always remain together, hopefully evolving into more artist-led product development (take Dr.Dre’s Beats) in the electronic music sector (take a look on Pioneer’s or Bose projects).

Brands and artists need to create unique and engaging experiences that align with the values and interests of the new generations. From limited edition drops to immersive pop-up shops and virtual events, it’s crucial to offer something that goes beyond the product and provides an experience that resonates with Gen Z’s lifestyle and personality. By doing so, brands and artists can connect with this audience on a deeper level, creating a loyal fan base and boosting their overall brand equity.

Nowadays things have to be taken to another level but…who have managed to do it? Here are some of the most peculiar collaborations in the electronic music scene:

IKEA x Swedish House Mafia

Have you ever thought about having a piece of furniture designed by your favourite DJ in your living room? From 2021 it’s possible thanks to the fusion of “The IKEA x Swedish House Mafia collection”. After the pandemic, the most famous Swedes on the scene took the plunge by launching an original collaboration with a furniture brand, also Swedish. 

Sofas, chairs, tables, lamps and a record player are just some of the items on sale in this collection inspired by the studios where producers spend hours creating new IDs. Minimalist, in dark colours and with symbols such as the circle present. Without a doubt a collaboration that has created expectation, but well aligned with SHM’s aesthetics. 

A Better Mistake x 99999999999  

Every day more and more artists reflect their passion for fashion as an extension of their musical career. Amongst all the possibilities, the techno aesthetic, its tribals, chains, latex, leather… They are definitely trending in the scene!

Instagram is full of ravers devoted to this style and artists like the Italian duo 99999999999 represent it to perfection. And what better way to make the most of it than with a designer to match?

The Milan-based brand’s disobedience and creative rebelliousness is ideal for representing the power and speed of 999999999’s BPMs, creating the perfect collection to complete your clubbing outfit. Other techno artists such as the UK’s Rebekah have also ventured into textiles, as we saw with her collection with Berlin-based NAKT.

Adidas x HÖR Berlin

White bathroom tiles and yellow lights… We know you know what we’re talking about. The post-pandemic techno collective HÖR has joined the list of recent collaborations with an interesting proposition featuring Adidas. 

The independent streaming platform has teamed up with the Adidas giant for what we hope will be an upcoming collection of retro merch and trainers, all in the Berlin collective’s signature yellow hue. Stay tuned, because they’re likely to fly once they go on sale!

And the list is long… Technics and Zara, Converse and Fabric, H&M and Boiler Room or the case of Pachá, which has decided to launch its own clothing brand. There are many initiatives emerging on our scene, and they put the spotlight on electronic music.

As a result of this popularity, we see how other mainstream genres are betting on our sound: the latest albums by Beyoncé, Drake or the exponent growth of artists like Fred Again are the living reflection of the fact that… We are more booming than ever!

What’s next? We’ll have to wait and see… but we hope it’s something real and authentic and above all… not in the metaverse 😉

In the meantime, check what’s going on in your city and catch your favourite artists.

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