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For many Parisians the Rex remains to this day the club of reference in electronic music. Perhaps because for 29 years, as the oldest of its kind, he has never ceased to stick to his quality guideline, combining impeccable programming with a legendary soundsystem with one and only one watchword: underground. This word is passed from generation to generation, and a quarter of a century after its electronic shift, always occur with as much pleasure from great artists who have done techno, house and all genres that sweeps the music what they are today: Derrick May, Lil Louis, Rolando, Kerri Chandler, Ben Klock, Ricardo Villallobos ... and many others. Appointment is already taken next year for ... 30 years!

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5 bd Poissonnière (3.32 mi) Paris, France 75002, Paris, Frankreich

Rex Club

5 bd Poissonnière (3.32 mi) Paris, France 75002