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The KTV, formerly Pink Elephant, have been created 70 years ago and is nowadays renown club of Milan. Towards the mid 90s, it is radically transformed to become a Chinese karaoke; one where you can dance on house, disco, funk and endless jazz rhythms thanks to the musicians, singers and DJs of the great family Body Heat and Staffish . This collective has given life to a unique universe in the panorama of Milan nightlife. An place where artists create a strong bond between the club culture and the live. A bond built with a clever mix of Funk, Disco and House, and under the influences of Soul, Jazz and Boogie. The Body Heat parties at KTV offers a mix of cultures and music styles for an unforgettable and entertaining moment. Between two cocktails you can dance to the great classics of disco or sing the kitschiest songs in the rooms of a karaoke worthy of the film Lost In Translation by Sofia Coppola.

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Via Paolo Sarpi, Mailand, Italien


Via Paolo Sarpi