Fuse All Night: Guy J + Analodjica-Eventplakat
Fr., 27 Sep | 22:59 - 05:00

Fuse All Night: Guy J + Analodjica


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[PT] Aproximamo-nos do fim de uma boa estação do ano, mas temos a oportunidade de assistir ao renascer de uma nova temporada. As nossas Fuse All Night regressam a todo o vapor ao Kremlin, e é com imenso orgulho que anunciamos os nomes de Analodjica e Guy J a este regresso. A 27 de setembro, voltamos a dar vida a um conceito que nasceu no coração de Lisboa. [EN] We are approaching the end of a good season, but we have the opportunity to watch the rebirth of a new one. Our Fuse All Night returns full steam to Kremlin, and we are proud to announce the names of Analodjica and Guy J for this return. On September 27, we give a new life to a concept that was born in the heart of Lisbon. - Infoline: +351919054333 #stepinside #fuserecords #fuseallnight ◤

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Escadinhas da Praia 5, Lisboa, Portugal

In the 90s it was considered the 3rd best disco in the world, the name Kremlin, in the nightlife, is synonymous with electronic music where the Undergound rules. Here have grown names like dj Vibe aka Tó Pereira and currently pass through the world top artists. Kremlin occupies an area of 350 m2 of an old convent, in the area of Santos. Keeping the original moth, several arches of ogive stone and rough stone floor, the interior decoration has been modernized. The lights, sound system and DJ booth were also upgraded. Kremlin offers in addition a brand new VIP Zone, three bars and a dance floor.