Underground Beats (Montenegro & Croatia Experience) | Clubbing Trip-EventplakatUnderground Beats (Montenegro & Croatia Experience) | Clubbing Trip-Eventplakat
Sa., 29 Jul 2017 12:00 - Fr., 4 Aug 2017 12:00

Underground Beats (Montenegro & Croatia Experience) | Clubbing Trip

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Our regularly run Underground Beats experiences are designed to give you the chance to journey with us to hidden locations around the globe, whilst giving you an insider snapshot of how the locals like to party. Explore medieval towns and cities with rich and interesting histories, showcasing the art, culture and lifestyle in the day and at night watch the cities come alive. With help from our worldwide crews and promoters, we will ensure that you’ll have nights that you won’t forget and that you leave the Underground Beats with a desire for more. • What’s Included? - Private coach transport to all destinations - 6 night accommodation in two different Balkan countries - Beats Travel guide - Warm up and closing parties - Optional walking tours in all major cities MEETING POINT: TBA Full program: DAY 1 Welcome drinks with your new Beats family in our local bar in Dubrovnik before we head down south to Montenegro. Time to work on your beach tans in this dream-like country. In the evening we will indulge in a Beats BBQ and a few drinks on the rooftop terrace before heading out on the town. DAY 2 The stunning town of Budva is known for two things- It's Sandy beaches and its parties. Today we experience both. After wandering around the historic old town in the morning, we spend the afternoon lazing on the beach, experimenting with famous local cocktails before we get ready for our night on the town at one of Eastern Europe’s most famous party destinations. DAY 3 After a quick swim to wash off those hangovers we get on the road to our next destination, which is just down the road to Kotor. Before our arrival, we stop off at the beautiful Islet of Sveti Stefan. Once a fishing village that was converted into an old town this picturesque location is unique to the Mediterranean and one that is known for the rich and famous coming to play. DAY 4 Kotor is a medieval town famous for its architecture, city walls and long winding Venetian streets. With cobbled stones patching the floor and fortified walls it is easy to see why it’s a Unesco world heritage site. After spending the day exploring this magnificent town we get down to what Beats Travel are really good at and that is finding the party. Get ready because our next club will not disappoint. DAY 5 It’s now time for us to head back up North, our destination, Makarska. Know as the Cape town of Croatia, and it is easy to see why. With the town surrounded by amazing mountains and beach, you can see why this is one of our favourite locations in the Balkans. On our way up the coastline, we will stop off in one of the most spectacular places in the world, Dubrovnik. Also known as the ‘Pearl of The Adriatic’ for its beauty and strength. A lot of people will recognise Dubrovnik as a popular filming location for the hit TV series ‘Game of Thrones’. We leave Dubrovnik and arrive in Makarska for some evening cocktails before we head to a rave in a cave in an old World War Two bunker. DAY 6 We leave in the morning and head for our final destination: Split, Croatia. In true Beats Travel style, we are going to go out with a bang. In the late afternoon, we will hold our closing party in Split Old Town and have a few surprises up our sleeve to finish off our 7 days together. DAY 7 Unfortunately, this morning we say our farewells with our sore heads, tired eyes and a lifetime of memories. After breakfast, we will head our separate ways and hopefully run into each other again, somewhere off the beat… The event is organised by Beats Travel | Tours built around music, culture & people.

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Underground Beats Pass. Includes: Private coach transport to all destinations, 6-night accommodation in two different Balkan countries, Beats Travel guide. Warm up and closing parties, Optional walking tours in all major cities.


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Dubrovnik, Dubrovnik, Kroatien

Underground Beats (Montenegro & Croatia Experience) | Clubbing Trip

Dubrovnik - Travel