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HOOKAAI club/restaurant is a new concept of clubbing and dining near the Port Olympique in Barcelona. 370 m2 of area surface is designed to fit 150 people. It has a 30m2 kitchen, a bar with DJ-booth, a toilet area with 5 toilets for men and women, and an extra bar in the back. The club area is made of booths that can contain between 6-12 people. The booths have different levels to keep the people in contact with each other. Nero Marquina marble slabs are used to cover the booths and parts of the walls. Custom made brushed brass dividers are placed in between the areas to give a sense of privacy. Italian polished plasters divide the materials on the walls, such as marble and mirror. The concept of the club is a mediterranean-euro/asian fusion. This is also visible in the symbolics of the hexagons in the logo, that are used as a base layout for the floorpans and details. Custom made tables and banquette seatings are made to order, as well as the main lighting hanging from the ceiling.

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Carrer de Salvador Espriu, 79, Barcelona, Spanien


Carrer de Salvador Espriu, 79