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Although some might still call Thabo Getsome a rookie in the house and techno scene, he has already been released on prestigious labels like Suara, DFTD or Lapsus. His latest EPs have been supported by Carl Craig, DJ T, DJ Sneak, Dubspeeka, Joris Voorn, Riva Starr, Santé, Sidney Charles, and Shadow Child just to name a few. Growing up in the 90s, his sound and productions are shaped and traversed by his passion for HipHop. Consequently, his DJ sets follow a suspense curve, driven by rhythmic percussions and pulsating basslines, rather than being bound to one genre. Aside from producing and DJing, Thabo is steadily developing and executing innovative concepts and ideas in various event series hosted in Berlin. Nowadays, Thabo is enjoying the chance to present himself very internationally with gigs in Ecuador, Panama, Colombia, Thailand, India, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, Turkey and United Kingdom. Vigilant about new sounds he is joyfully anticipating what is yet to come.

Thabo Getsome