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Avikal (aka Simone Pugliese) is a dj/producer from Milan. He started his dj carreer as the resident dj for several iconic parties in the Milan club scene like ODD, Top Town, Scream Kollektiv, A Dose of. Trough the years he established himself as a dj with a solid reputation, also playing at international gigs in Ibiza, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Zurich and Berlin just to mention a few. In 2016 Avikal start to work at his own productions in the studio. The first official release is a remix for Ricky Leo's "Apple Gate" out on Spades/We Move label, produced in collaboration with Defora Records' founder Manipolato. In 2017 they release for the label their first EP together "Life on the Run" (DFR011). Currently Avikal is also part of the Milan based project Scream Kollektiv.

Simone Pugliese