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REWORK (VISIONQUEST, ITEMS & THINGS, PLAYHOUSE, LOVEYEAH. YAKAZI and MEANT RECORDS) International Booking by CONTRAST AGENCY: Rework are Michael Kuebler and Daniel Varga, who released their first international club hits Love Love Love Yeah and You're So Just Just on the Frankfurt-based techno institution Playhouse. After their first album Fall Right Now 2003, their second long player Pleasure Is Pretty was released 2007 and the third one You Play on Visionquest 2014 as well as they founded their own label Loveyeah Records . Their tracks were remixed by artists like Trentemøller, Magda, Roman Flügel, Alter Ego, Losoul and many others. They appear also on various compilations like the legendary Richie Hawtins’s Closer To The Edit, various Famous When Dead, Fabric DJ mixes and on Magda’s Balance 27 Mix. REWORK released various EPs, most outstanding Werewolf – with remixes of Magda and Remain on Meant Records as well as two EPs on Items & Things. Last year´s highlight was the release of Love Call on Seth Troxler's Soft Touch Records and Acid Control on the Barcelona based Yakazi Records, including a Fur Coat Remix. Describing their own musical aesthetic as new wave techno, REWORK forges a distinct sound, that combines icy minimal structures with catchy Jane Birkin style vocals, and a dash of dancefloor melancholy. Darker than before, the team becomes more and more intense. The new stuff is quite different and fresh – they bomb every dancefloor with their dreams, which can easily turn into nightmares. In 2016 REWORK teamed up with dOP for EB.TV a live session by Telekom Electronic Beats filmed at the Berlin based club "Wilde Renate". REWORK also nearly finished the production of their new album and are preparing a new live and DJ set for their worldwide tour. With their regular releases on labels such as Visionquest, Soft Touch and Items & Things REWORK are again on top of the worldwide club scene.