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OMAR MONTES, is one of the creators of the new trap scene and the urban avant-garde in Spain, and one of the most successful Spanish urban artists in recent years. Omar Montes has continued the tradition, which began in the late 70's, of fusing flamenco with Afro-American rhythms, and with his particular way of understanding music has become one of the leading exponents of the new "urban flamenco" fusing trap, hip hop, EDM, reggae and reggaeton with flamenco. His first album, LA VIDA MARTIR, marked the turning point in his career along with the huge explosion of media popularity that his TV appearances brought him. He was the winner of SUPERVIVIENTES 2019 with a 40.6% screen share, scoring the best historical share of the program. The huge success of songs like "La Rubia Remix" together with La nueva Escuela, "Alocao" together with Bad Gyal or "Prendió Remix" together with Rvfv, among others, made him the revelation artist of 2019 in Spain and the artist with the most streaming plays in 2020. His latest single "Solo" with Ana Mena and Maffio is having an overwhelming success, reaching platinum in Spain in a few weeks and very soon, Omar Montes will make the leap to other European and Latin American markets. Stay tuned!

Omar Montes