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Maurizio Schmitz

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Maurizio Schmitz – Shortinfo Half-Italian Maurizio „Mauro“ Schmitz from Bonn (Germany) discovered his passion for electronic music in the early nineties. After developing his DJ skills he was asked to be resident DJ at the „Labor“-Club after hour in Munich and a few months later he had numerous gigs all over Germany plus various residencies in his hometown Bonn. For seven years, he lived in Hamburg where he was resident DJ at „FrequenzBerater“, one of the most famous event series in the north of Germany, presenting international DJs within a high-level production. Today, Maurizio runs his own club night, called „mauromusica“ in Bonn and is working as an event manager for Cocoon, where he combines his DJ life with a regular day job. He released his own mix compilation „timemachine vol.1“ and co-produced some tracks that have been released on „liebe*detail rec.“, and is currently releasing under the project name „Topcats“ on „Yellow Tail Records“. Maurizio prefers long Dj sets to present his „open vision of electronic dancemusic“: Starting a night with Ambient and deeper House tracks, his selection also includes minimal Techno and pure peaktime tracks later at night. Generally, his style could be described as some kind of „psychedelic House music“ with timeless character...

Maurizio Schmitz