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Upcoming gigs: 19.06 | SK Black Showcase - R33 (Barcelona,ES) 01.07 | Clorophilla Club (Taranto,IT) 14.08 | Parco Gondar (Gallipoli,IT) 16.08 | Il Grido Festival (Gallipoli,IT) Biography: Grown between 'charm and iron's powders' of an industrial city in Apulia - South Italy, Marco Bruno gives to the scene his versatile interpretation of Electronic Music, a vortex of innovation's points, a pure expression of polyhedral attitudes. Despite the Detroit sonorities and the UK's hard-groove beats have represented the base of his adolescence's listening, he defines his identity around a music search without fronts, Techno, House and all sonorities contaminations, fall in a concept: roots are direct to versatility, completeness. In the mix, determination and charisma generate the dynamism through which positive vibrations spin around. The mission is to create something for him and for someone who want to fall in a journey, in an head head with all inputs in his mind and in this world; no individualistic intentions in his vision, only a infinity space of shared ideas. As a producer, the stylistic is focused on a recognizable mix of elements, in it we find ambient/dub perceptions, broken beats, enveloping chords, aseptic synthesizer, harmonious pads and much more. Dynamic Reflection / Decoy / SK Black / Flash Recordings / Abstract Animal / Ribbon Rec. / Adroit / Amazone / Riot Recordings / Trau-ma

Marco Bruno