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As an all-time music lover, he began working in the Barcelona night life at a young age. Motivated strongly by the musical scene that was binding the city at that time. Music was and still is the motor of his life, which he is so fascinated in, and was also what made him start a career as Dj in 1998, working in a circuit of clubs that the magical city of Barcelona beholds. Focused on electronic dance music, he is always trying to find the groove and add a personal touch of sensibility in his sets. Additionally, he never stopped searching for the fusion that brings together the music with the next track that he’s playing, which he manages by his particular and refined taste for the most special trend and the wide variety that the electronic music posses. He soon began travelling to places like the Moog, La Terrrazza, the Nitsa club in the Apolo theatre, the CO2, the Isla D’Encanta, the Fonfone, the Macarena, the now mythical and disappeared Cube Club, situated where it used to be, the Japan, Club 13, famous for its young people parties, and others out of Barcelona like L’Atlantida de Sitges, el Ambit of Andorra, the 7th Art in Gerona (Spain), the Lexus-Backroom of Vic (Spain) and Several Beach Parties in Barcelona. In 2002, he was part of the Star/Cue, a group dedicated to the development of electronic music in Catalonia (Spain). With REC, they went to different cities and music festivals in Catalonia, and their participation in the OPEN AIR festival was outstanding. Their ELECTRO BOHEME in which Dj’s were mixed up with live shows formed an extraordinarily step in their career. For shows outside Spain, they went to the Trompellier in Montpellier (France) and, recently Climax institutes (Stuttgart), After 2005, he achieved his first Korg, a box of rhythms that lets him express part of what this artist has to share through the pen name of Crokan in the musical language. In 2007, after living and experiencing life and music in his hometown, it was time for him to set out on a new quest to Asia. Becoming the co-founder of Science of Sounds, together they were to bring new ideas to the Asian stages, and by doing so, to open the doors to the international electronic music. Currently acting as the manager for many artists; in the meantime he also combines his work inside Science of Sounds with that of his own individual productions under the name of Crokan. Whether as Dj or just as Crokan, his trail was all over Asia. Having obtained residence in many places like the Comrades Club, Cellar Club and Club Noxy , which are all in Guangzhou, the Cafe Kafka in Yunnan, The Blazing Club in Dongguan, the Warehouse 135, The Embassy and Industry in Manila, Club Tango, White Rabbit, Lantern, The House and Punk in Beijing, Club Q97, Vertigo and Bassment in Hong Kong, The Wall in Taipei and LOLA Shanghai. And recently Climax institutes (Stuttgart), OWN (Barcelona), Moog (Barcelona), Txuribeltz ( Pamplona) Strawberry Festival 2010 & 2011 (Beijing) and the Intro Electronic Music Festival (2009, 2010 and 2011). Surpass Festival 2011 (Xi An) At the beginning of 2010, from Science Of Sounds was born Science Label, where he is co-director for this platform. It is focused on publishing releases of a great number of artists whose musical styles move inside the international electronic community, and it possesses already consolidating artists and stimulates new talents. In March 2012 Had released his first track in collaboration with the German producer Patrick Zigon on Tanzbar Musik (Germany)

Lupen Crokan