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LowKey's Upcoming Gigs Sat 04 Jul, 15 ., L'Ostra Club, Nancy, France Powered by GigaTools LowKey (GOOG / AFU / HYDRAULIX / PATTERNS / NEVERENDING )Essential Artist of the French electronic scene for over 10 years, his productions with his alter ego Kardinal are internationally recognized and playlisted by all superstars dj’s like Umek , Jesper Dahlback , Sasha Carassi , Secret Cinema , and many more.....Their label «GOOG» is certainly the leading label of French dark techno scene at the moment.After succeeding Tonio and Laurent Garnier at the residence of the legendary Burgundy club l’Anfer in the early 2000s, he regularly took part in all the biggest national events and in clubs around the world (Belgium / Spain / Italy / Czech Republic / China / Thailand / Hong Kong etc., etc.) with his particular style of rave-influenced grooves mixing minimal, breakbeat and techno.He has notably collaborated with various artists such as Scan X, Dafresh,Electric Rescue or even Popof.He signed several maxis on the famous label of Thomas Heckmann AFU LAB and completed the anthem of Heretiks DVD with the title «Mamoth». However , artists like Sasha Carassi , Dave the Drummer , Citizen Kain and many more have confidence in him. He produced his first album, «Puzzled», in collaboration with Kardinal, released on the label Tracker at the end of 2010 LowKey/38562665993?re