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Lofelive is the best proof that Spain knows how to develop a trend. An unpredictable sound, intelligent and continuously evolving, arising from and respecting the rules of the electronic nuances of house dance and indie. Created with the aim of a unique objective: bringing to the audience of dance the most exquisite beats. Behind Lofelive is the musician, producer and DJ, Paco Gango, a member of The Leadings, who with his latest offering, grabs hold of the best of house, deep house and future house, mixing it with pop and turning it into a sensual experience that it totally danceable. Tracks full of spacial depth, with the very own voice of Lofelive and never ending resounding tones. Live, Lofelive evolves with the affiliation of Sergio Moreno (The Leadings) on electronic percussion and Fede Gas on the bass guitar. The project comes complete with projections and visuals which will flood the audience giving them the feeling of being fully incorporated into the show. Lofelive has already been able turn out formidable performances live in many national festivals, receiving positive reviews and having suprised those who have wanted to get closer to the desires necessary to dance. A build up of sensations brought to the audience wherever the music of Lofelive is heard. Have done remixes for Monarchy, Kakkmaddafakka and Two Door Cinema Club, Lofelive comes forth with his own personal and current version. ___________________________________________________ “Ni underground, ni mainstream… ni falta que le hace. Lofelive es la mejor demostración de que se puede hacer música electrónica para bailar, con denominación de origen ibérica, desde una concepción inteligente, desprejuiciada y brillante del asunto”.