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LIL GAIDA/ BIO Electronics that moves and moves; Soul house, blond and sunny, Lil Gaida. There are souls who seem destined to procure pleasure and joy. There are other underlying its role in life to give stability, brightness and splendor to music. Lil Gaida's both and always on time. This young from Valladolid, happily mediterranized of blond and sunny soul, since she was a child no conceives a single day of her life without music. Supporting their sleeplessness for electronic dance music in their piano studies, and soundman and thus presents a fine sound and versatile but intense and powerful, and always with root house. It moves between deep and natural elegance, the techno and house; between the sensitive, energetic and cheerful; Berlin Chicago through Detroit; than the cool retro emergency. Both its sessions, as its productions, which has been published in native and foreign stamps as PILD Records, May Recordings or WTF Music- hold a free character and eclectic, colorful and emotional. As a DJ his well distill, sophisticated and cosmopolitan sets taste in the sound selection and a clean, well tiled art, and all this in constant evolution. With each session Lil Gaida invites us to accompany her on a journey unpublished, effervescent light that enters spaces where contemporary house shows very different forms and versions. Sometimes more technical, other times deeper or electronic, but always as an musical melting pot looking to move and move to those who listen and dancer. In these moments, after tiling a reality expansive and exciting for both the battles of music as in production, which has taken her to act in major clubs and national festivals, Lil Gaida is in a state of sound grace noticeable on each disc that clicks, and on each topic that idea creates. She knows that in order to gain the respect of the audience and the clubbing scene, she must work hard and give it her all. And this is how her emergence, little by little, is becoming a mastery. Slowly but surely. Yes, the great future of Lil Gaida is already a reality.

Lil Gaida