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Le Vinyl’s headquarter is in Barcelona, where he has become the main character in the ‘Mediterranean Big City That Never Sleeps’ deep house scene. He’s been injecting soul into Electronic Dance Music since he was tall enough to hold a 12-inch on his own. No wonder why he has become one of the most inspiring Deep House DJs and producers… it’s a three-worded answer: ‘Love, instinct, work’. He loves music and he loves being surrounded by music. His natural instinct gets him on the right path when he’s in the studio for a new track or at the booth in a live session. And he’s a tried-and-true workaholic, never quitting until sonic perfection makes his way out of the studio. Having spent over a decade building his intransigent Deep House ambassador image, Le Vinyl reliably brings all of his gusto, charm and soul-filled inspiration to each and every one of his productions. Many of them are released through his successful co-owned label Reisei Records and his latest project DeepMentality, but he’s also fond of sharing his Deep House masterpieces with labels such as Defected, Robsoul, OFF, Liebe Detail ... If you think all Deep House music sounds the same, has no soul and is just four to the floor, then I suggest you do some rethinking and check out Le Viny's latest releases and back catalogue...You'll be glad you did!

Le Vinyl