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In mid-2008, recently graduated in Physical Education, Gustavo started to "play" to be a dj. Quickly he started to succed in classes such as Indoor Cycling or "Spinning", in which he could unite his two passions, sports and music. In 2011, what was still just a hobbye went on to become something bigger and the, already, DJ Guto Fernandes started playing in several parties in Brasília, the capital of Brazil. Then, Gustavo decided to really chase the dream of becoming a respected deejay and music producer. He quited a good job in Brazil and moved to Barcelona, where with the support of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture he took a course of electronic music production in one of the institutes of video and audio world's most respected (SAE). After courses, trips in and outside of Brazil and a lot of musical research, Gustavo began opening his mind to non-commercial aspects of electronic music and in 2012, Gustavo began his first big project entitled "GOOD2U" with the intention of bringing joy and positive vibes for the greatest number of people through his music. With musical influences ranging from Frankie Knuckles to Joey Negro, through the richness of Brazilian musical culture, GOOD2U uses and abuses of accapelas and organic instruments such as piano and sax to refine his sets. Driving the dance floor, he combines the essences of Deep House, Soulful House, Techno, Funky and Disco House trying to bring into his music some of the cool vibes of the old days that he hasn’t lived by himself and always trying to put it into the “GOOD2U concept” Nowadays, living in Europe, GOOD2U has been a very productive deejay, being asked to play at several parties around Barcelona. As a producer, he has started to make his own beats and grooves with some original vocals and disco samples besides making partnerships with musicians and producers from all over the world.

Guto Fernandez