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Giulia Regain is a DJ, producer, remixer, artist, and a Pioneer DJ testimonial ambassador, based in Cesena, a little town near the Adriatic Sea, in Italy. Music has always influenced Giulia’s life since a young age, and being inspired by her grandfather who was a guitarist. The light shined bright during Giulia’s teenage years as she was the first female light-DJ in Italy. Over time Giulia created a huge buzz in her local city and around Italy as she thrilled spectators and party goers with her mind blowing #Gmagic Tour DJ sets. Guilia’s career as both and artist and DJ escalated as she held residency’s at Hollywood, Cocorico and Prince, Spazio 900, Giardini Naxo, and among others. She is noted for the Top Italian Female DJ during the Trend Awards and Best European Female DJ, during the Pink Armada contest. Giulia’s extensive resume of collaboration include major and boutique brands Mercedes Benz, Playboy, Maserati, Levi Jeans, Rolex, Bulgari, Volvo, Martini, and Mario Valentino. Giulia Regains team consists of Luca Nobile, a composer and ghost producer, and musician as well as various professional production companies, PR Marketing firms, and imaging. She is also the founder of the Satin Girls Show, a female group consisting of singers, violinists, saxophonists,dancers, and trapeze artists. In 2016 Giulia placed number 55 out of 100 women DJ’s according to and on, her single “iLove,” on Octane Recordings reached the iTunes top ten both Dance and General chart within a matter of a few days, making it the most streamed and downloaded track in Italy. In October of the same year a new single, “Unicorn” (Angel version), is released and reaches the iTunes top ten (Dance chart) within a matter of a few days Find out her #Gmagic world on her website

Giulia Regain