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Since 1993, Gianni Camelia, Resident DJ Top Clubs in Taormina(Sicily), officially debuted on the Milanese Disco square during the 2012 Spring/Summer season in the "Old Fashion Club" with various One Nights. He successfully confirmed his position in the 2012/2013 winter season, in the same Club, where he become the resident DJ of the Saturday night. Simultaneously, he performed with the One Night in other prestigious clubs in Milan , such as "The Hollywood", "Le Banque", "Cost", "Punta Dell'Est", "Joy 69", "Tocqueville" and the "Just Cavalli Hollywood", where he regularly placed every Saturday evening for three consecutive summer seasons from 2013 to 2015. But the first important appearance in Milan for Gianni Camelia was during the '98 in the famous nightclub "Propaganda", now renamed "Lime Light". At the moment he performs regularly in different Top Clubs of Milan and he periodically moves to Taormina to perform in the Sicilian's Top Clubs , where he is professionally present during the Christmas period since years. Gianni Camelia' s sets are often characterized by the << Unexpected>>, ranging from Deep House, POP, R'n'B and Hip Hope to Commercial Dance. Discography: June 2014: He makes his first single "Open Your Eyes". With it He greatly join different "Dance" classifications, including Itunes and Beatport. In this last one, the world's largest music store for DJs, He reached high positions ,until the 18th, with the Remix published in October 2014 with which he went into the "Top 100" of the General Classification. June 2015: He published the second single titled "My Name Is Chelsea". With this single he officially entered in various programs of many major radio and broadcast in Italy and He surprisingly transmit his first RadioShow in the very well know program "105 InDaKlubb", in one of the Italian Top radios, Radio 105, in July 2015. 17/06/2016: In co-production with the Producer DJ "Anton Pars" he published a new single entitled "The Summer Is Back". The renowned DJ’s Producer “Stefano Pain” remixed it. Club: Just Cavalli Hollywood (Milano), Richmond Café (Milano), Old Fashion Club (Milano), Eleven ClubRoom (Milano), Le Jardin (Milano), Fiat Open Lounge (Milano), CatWalk (Milano), Shu Club (Milano), Virgin Active Café (Milano), You (Porto Cervo), MIB (Milano), Karma (Milano), Meridien (Taormina), Marabù (Taormina), Taitù (Taormina), Septimo (Taormina), Le Banque (Milano), La Giara (Taormina), Cost (Milano), Tocqueville (Milano), Punta Dell’Est (Milano), Hollywood (Milano), Gilda (Castelletto Ticino (NO), Roncaccio Disco (CO), Paradise Beach (Taormina), Gioia 69 (Milano), La Giara (Taormina), Soha Beach (Taormina), Capo Dei Greci (Taormina), Babylon Beach (Santa Teresa Di Riva (ME), Mamma Mia Beach (Santa Teresa Di Riva (ME), Privilege Sicily (Santa Teresa Di Riva (ME), Bella Blu (Taormina), Tiffany (Taormina), MA (Catania), Inside (ME), Glam (ME), Tout Va (Taormina), Amarcord (ME), Lady Godiva (Taormina), Cabana (Taormina), Perroquet (Taormina), Alta Marea (ME), Flexus (ME), Propaganda (Milano), Villa Mirabeau (MI), Parenthesis (Milano), Fashion Club (Milano), Babylon (Milano). More Info:

Gianni Camelia