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Gee Beat was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain since 1994. When he was 12 bought a simple mix table. Being 16 he started DJing in a club, as a resident, with Charly Rodríguez. From that point, his name started sounding more and more every day. He has Dj in Clubs like: Kapital (Madrid), KGB, Duvet, La Carpa SantCugat, New Casanovas, Elit, Music, Ribelinos, Up&Down, Vetro, Club Atlàntic,Sotavento, Universal, Nick Havanna, Marhes, etc. Oscar Ginette (in real life) won (2nd Place) the Maxima Winner DJ contest in November 2012. Just after turning 18 he started producing, with Daniel Trim as a teacher. Slowly producing and with an unmistakable style, Gee Beat has released three tracks with Warner Tool Music in March 2013. Nowadays he is focused on producing and working with labels.

Gee Beat