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His first steps in music were characterized by the various influences of techno, pop and electro, showing his musical qualities in discos and clubs of Buenos Aires. There, he began to be influenced by house music and, after a period of evolution in their musical style, decided to emigrate to Barcelona in early 1999 in search of new experiences. Slowly, he began to gain a foothold within the nightlife scene. But is in 2005 when he becomes in a noticeable artist when he is signed by, perhaps, the most important promotion company in Europe: Matinée Group. At the same time, he began working on "12 Music Bcn”. The largest vynil shop for djs in Spain at the time. This is where musical culture begins to emphasize more and goes on to become a real topic of music "club" of Spain. His sets, full of a careful selection of modern and energetic dancing rhythms, have been heard by audiences in many different cities of all over the world! Starting in 2008 and taking as reference their usual sessions at “Dboy,” “La Madame”, “Dmix” and “Dclub” belonging to Matinée Group, was to expand professionally to many renowned clubs like Pacha (Barcelona & Dubai), City Hall (Barcelona), Theatron (Bogota), Barbarella Club and BOBO (Milano), Mix (Paris), Mix Club (Budapest), Space (Ibiza & Barcelona), Amnesia (Ibiza), ARMA and Discoteque (Moscow), Le Klub (Nice), Chic de Luxe (Roses), Take Five (Salzburg & Kitzbühel), Mix (Paris), La Rocca (Belgium), Qüeen (Paris), Club Latte (Beijing), Muse (Shanghai) and M2 (Shanghai ), The Week (Sao Paulo), Ministry of Sound (London) among others. Today he is an active part of the world most famous gay event “Circuit Festival” and “Devotion”, not forgetting the multitudinous events “Matinée Summer Festival” & “La Leche”. Currently, he is writing a new episode of his career as a music producer with the acclaimed producer and dj Taito Tikaro.

Flavio Zarza