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Fetech Mode DJ and producer was born in 1994. When he was 15 years old he began his career as a professional DJ. Since then he hasn't stopped impressing and amazing all publics with his brand fresh style quite uncommon within Techno music, awakening the old style of the 80s. His performance has reached places such as: Row14, City hall, Teatro Principal de Barcelona, Kgb, , Marhes Club,PICAR@ (Valencia), t'espero (Algeria), among many others. In addition of being a regular dj at city Hall Club, being considered a reference dj in Barcelona When it comes to music production, he learned from Ruben de la O and Julio Posadas, currently, one of the most recognized Dj/producer at a both national and international level. With a different understanding of the Techno Music and the whole music world as something beyond a culture, like a feeling. Always giving his best in every performance. Nowadays he's at the front of a new record laber: Groove Skill Records, with Ruben de la O. He is also a promoter of the firm DVRA products and Imala Music. Besides, Fetech Mode owns his own production and recording studio in Discos Plastik's venue, sharing the studio with: Julio Posadas, Pep's Show Boys, and more great artists whose music is at the level of the top clubs.

Fetech Mode