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What time do people go out and how is the nightlife in Porto?

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal. The night scene here, in continuous evolution, is one of the youngest, most dynamic and modern in Europe. In recent years, it has experienced an exponential development, creating a perfect combination between the enthusiasm for art and design and the frenetic rhythms of vibrant and endless nights. The night in Porto can be long and lively, from late afternoon until dawn. You can start it by enjoying the sunset in one of the city's historical cafes, mainly concentrated in the downtown area. A journey into the past, in the glamorous luxury of the 1920s and 1930s. Portuguese people usually have dinner around 8 pm, but many restaurants are open until late, especially in the touristic areas. Almost all clubs in town open at midnight and tend to get crowded between 1 and 2 am. The closing time is usually around 6 am, while the bars of the crowded Baixa area generally close around 4 am. And if you're a night warrior, you can end the night walking by the river, from the Ribeira to the mouth, to enjoy the dawn on the beach. There are no particular legal restrictions on alcohol consumption in the streets of the city. However, if you want to go dancing, exaggerating could cost you a bounce at the door of some clubs.

Which are Porto’s best neighborhoods to go out?

Thanks to the development of the past few years, the Baixa area, located in the historical city centre, has become the heart of Porto's nightlife. Not a single month goes by without the opening of a new bar, restaurant or club. In the Baixa, nights are spent in the streets, talking and drinking, or in one of the bars of the area, some of which are really eccentric. For your pre-party, you can choose the perfect one by walking down the two nightlife streets of Porto, which cross this neighborhood: Rua Galeria de Paris and Rua Cândido dos Reis. As for the clubs, if you are looking for a more exclusive night, the advice is to take a look at the program of mainly two clubs: Le Gare and Industria. The first one is a historical club of the city; it hosts techno events and it's at just a few steps from the centre. The second one instead, newer and more modern, hosts house music parties with a more hipster audience, and it's located closer to the sea. You'll probably have to consider a taxi to get there from the city centre. The Hard Club, on the other hand, offers a more touristy and varied line up, depending on the evening. Also this club is located in the Baixa, near the centre. There are also gay friendly environments and hybrid spaces, a typical trend of the city, halfway between a bar, an art gallery and a concert hall. Once a year, in August, Porto becomes Neopop Festival's home . Probably the largest and most important electronic music festival in the country, it's a reference for clubbers from all over Europe.

How expensive is to go out in Porto?

Compared to other major European cities, and as in the rest of Portugal, here in Porto you'll find that you can go out at a reasonable price. Even the most touristic areas are quite "cheap". To go around the nightlife areas you can use public transport, it's really convenient. The metro ticket, for example, starts from €1.20 and goes up to a maximum of €2, for the most distant areas. Your pre-party will continue making yousave money, as the price for alcohol here is amongst the lowest in Europe. In the Baixa's bars a beer can cost you at the most € 2, while for a drink, you can spend even just € 5. You can be sure that this doesn't mean lower quality. The ticket to get into clubs, on the other hand, will generally costs 10€, or at most 15€, in the case of international guests. Careful, it may vary depending on the time you get it, as it often happens. In any case, it always includes a drink.

What's the dress code in Porto?

The people of Porto are used to dress in a smart and casual way. So even when it comes to nightlife, there are no particular restrictions to observe regarding the dress code. We advise you to avoid shorts and sportswear, but a casual, simple and tidy combination will allow you to enter without problems in any club. Jeans are very popular here, especially amongst young people. A shirt, or a dress, is welcome but not mandatory, only if you go to the most fashionable clubs in town. Nights can be windy or cold, so wear a light jacket in the summer and be prepared for some rain and cooler temperatures in the winter.