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Top best clubs in Porto in 2024 (…and why you should visit them all)

Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, and therefore its nightlife remains at the same level. The city has always had a large number of places where people can dance the night away, but only now has it seen an expansion of techno and house nights, making it a very special place for any clubber. Whether it’s dark basements, large industrial spaces or more upmarket venues, Porto has it all for you. Don’t forget to try its famous cod to fill your belly either.

In this article, we’ve highlighted some of the best. But, of course, there are many more clubs and organisers that help make Porto one of the greatest cities to offer an amazing clubbing experience.


Just a few metres from the Sao Bento train stop, at number 182 Rua du Madeira, stands what is considered the temple of techno in Porto. Gare Porto is considered one of the best clubs in Portugal and is a favourite of many artists of different musical genres. From house to the darkest techno. 

We are not exaggerating when we speak of a temple, as the appearance of the room transports us to the catacombs of the great buildings of yesteryear. A large rectangular space with rustic stone walls and a remodelled ceiling gives the room that industrial touch that we like so much.

Musically, Gare has hosted legends such as Jeff Mills, Loco Dice, Dave Clarke or Amelie Lens, who have pleased the devoted Portuguese crowds. But the emerging scene is not neglected in this clubbing hotspot either, with local heroes such as Amulador, Vil or Mind Archives in the booth from time to time. 

The club is open almost every Friday and Saturday from 00:00h until 7:00h in the morning, with a fairly cheap entrance fee compared to other European cities. A full Void Acoustics system provides the clean, high-impact sound that will blow your mind, making this club a must if you’re in Porto. Need more reasons to be convinced?

Una multitud de personas en una discoteca llamada Gare en Oporto, Portugal


For more than 30 years, Indústria Club has been serving Porto’s nights with the best music.  It is a favourite of many both locally and internationally, welcoming talents that know the crowd well such as Klin Klop, David Moreira or Tiago Carvalho.. The list of artists from other countries is endless and, above all, very varied and select. DJs such as Seth Troxler, The Advent, Setaoc Mass, Traumer or Chris Stussy have played in their booth. Indústria does not focus on genres but on the quality of what it hires!

It was renovated a few years ago, a well laid out Funktion-One system was added, making it a dream for any devoted to house, techno and everything in between with an immersive sound experience. Its special touch is undoubtedly the two turbines behind the booth that hypnotise you as you dance to the beats – no trip to Porto is complete without a night here!

Una multitud de personas en Indústria, uno de los mejores clubes Oporto con las manos en alto.


After 9 years of activity in its former home in Vila Nova de Gaia, Hard Club got a new spot in the Ferreira Borges Market. This historical monument, which dates back to 1888, is classified by UNESCO as Cultural and Architectural Heritage of Humanity. For this reason, the simple fact of going to the Hard Club is worth the effort. 

The place has a floor for art exhibitions and small acoustic shows, a first class restaurant and two halls, a small one for 350 people and the main room with a capacity for 1000 people. To give you an idea, in the first 3 years of activity, Hard Club hosted 1300 events, 3000 artists, 40 nationalities, 500 concerts, 350 electronic music nights, 200 cinema sessions and much more. It is basically the authentic reference of leisure and entertainment in the city of Porto. 

An infinite number of musical styles have walked the walls of Hard Club: indie-pop, new wave, rock, pop-rock, metal, reggae, trap and of course, techno and many other electronic genres. One of its most frequented sessions recently is XTND, which hosts great figures of the harder styles such as Mad Dog or Ophidian. Neopop has been the main responsible for the biggest events organised at this iconic venue. It is therefore easy to understand why all Hard Club events are synonymous with quality.

Hard Club is open practically every day of the year. During the day its activity is limited to visitors to the museum and the restaurant. The party rooms are open almost every day for concerts, usually from 21:00h to 00:00h. Things get serious once the middle of the week has passed: Thursday, Friday and Saturday the club opens for its most extended sessions.

Una multitud de personas en un DJ set en Hard Club Oporto, Portugal


Plano B is, more than a club, an interdisciplinary venue that goes beyond music. It is a cultural space with excellent conditions for holding exhibitions of visual arts, design and architecture, conferences, theatre, dance and performance, film cycles and workshops.

It was founded in December 2006 by architects Bernardo Fonseca, Filipe Teixeira and João Carlos Teixeira. Plano B was created with the aim of revitalising the central area of Porto, creating a new focus for culture and leisure.  The club’s décor is definitely more “elegant” than the others on the list. From its long foyer to the giant red curtains at the door, the venue reflects a unique vintage vibe. It’s filled with mismatched sofas, mirrors and retro objects, inviting customers into a relaxed, cosy, eclectic and dynamic atmosphere. Ornate chandeliers and extravagant light fixtures contribute to the impression that this is the place to be.

The space is divided into two floors and three rooms with music, a high-ceilinged café/bar at the back, and a cosy downstairs where DJs and bands perform. On Saturdays, the space opens in the afternoon with a refined selection of quality national products, such as wines, cheeses, jams, teas and more. Plano B has also been responsible for organising the Mercadinho dos Clérigos, which has been held since 2007 on Rua Cândido dos Reis and usually takes place once or twice a month.

Numerous concerts were held at Plano B, many of them by renowned bands and artists such as Teengirl Fantasy, Popnoname, Nisennenmondai, Thieves Like Us, Toro Y Moi and many more. On an electronic level, Plano B is out of this world. Jamie XX, Peaches, Overmono, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Blawan and many other select names have been on their booth.

If you want to hear electronic music that you can’t find anywhere else in the city, Plano B will become your “Plan A”.


Its title of lights on the door gives you a clue. Pérola Negra is a former cabaret and exotic lounge, now a distinguished and inclusive space in the Portuguese club scene. It was listed as a historical monument and its interior décor is dominated by red, with lighting and furnishings glowing in shades of scarlet, channelling the glamorous New York nightlife era of the 1970s and 1980s.

What’s cool about Pérola is that they still announce their guest artists as they used to, on their big black and white billboard as if it were a play or a movie. Its iconic stairs will guide you to the main room where underground references such as Argia, Toccororo, Aroop Roy or Felipe Gordon. have performed. Do you fancy a visit to the electronic cabaret?

Are you missing something on the list? In addition to our recommended venues, we invite you to take a look at Maus Hábitos or Boîteto find your musical paradise in Porto.


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