A large crowd at a nightclub with smoke coming out of the roof at Fabrik Madrid

The best techno clubs (and events) in Madrid

Madrid, you kill me. We don’t know who first said that sentence but it’s certainly the one that best describes the capital of Spain. More than for its squid sandwiches, it is known for its capacity to create FOMO. There isn’t a weekend in Madrid when you don’t have to choose between the 2 or 3 line-ups of your dreams and miss out on one of them. Everything and everyone who matters is present at least once a year at its venues or festivals. And as electronic music lovers ourselves, we want you to go out wisely if you’re new or visiting the city. Whether established or underground, there’s room for everyone at Xceed!

CODE by Fabrik

The Mother of all parties, not only in Madrid, but all over Spain. CODE is Fabrik‘s biggest event and a living history of techno in Spain. The concept was created in 2003 by its still residents Nuke and Cesar Almena and brings together on a monthly basis all the best of techno and beyond. 

There are few DJs in the genre who have not played in its booths. They’ve already gone past 150 editions and are going for many more, bringing together more than 25 artists every month, always with international headliners among their line-up. Major parties such as elrow or Carl Cox invites regularly perform every year in Humanes. Obviously, added to its musical quality is the mega capacity of Fabrik as a club. Its 5 rooms (Main, Satelite, Club Area, Hangar and Crystal) and two Open Air (La Terraza and Area 19) have made it an unbeatable concept in Spain and almost all of Europe, a must if you visit Madrid!

Large crowd with confetti and smoke at the nightclub Fabrik Madrid

The Bassement

Despite its recent trajectory in Madrid’s nightlife compared to other venues, The Bassement has earned the trust of hundreds of ravers for the variety and exclusivity of its line-ups. The club, with its home at Calle Galileo 26, brings some of some of the top names who rarely visit the capital. 

In terms of techno, you cannot miss Laster, a night that is committed to the most select of the genre under a policy without photos or videos. Laster has its own essence and musical direction, bringing to the centre of Madrid DJs not often seen in Spain, such as Funk Assault, Freddy K and Amoral, among others. Its red lights will trap your soul.

If you’re more into big names, Swing is the place to be with headliners for all audiences such as Marco Faraone and Adam Beyer. For a true underground feel, give New Faces a chance, which features some of the hottest local up-and-coming names in the country at the moment.

9 September | SWING Opening w/ Layton Giordani & Juliet Fox | Tickets
27 October | SWING pres. Adam Beyer | Tickets

Larga crowd and strobe lights at the Bassement club in Madrid

Mondo Disko

Mondo Disko needs no introduction. Neither do the names it brings to the heart of Madrid week after week. Its programmes are always in the spotlight and are capable of attracting all kinds of audiences. And the fact is that this hotspot can make you dance to legends and established figures from all types of techno. But also with exclusive and not so easy-to-label artists that you won’t see anywhere else. We’re talking about Boys Noize, HorsegiirL, Partiboi69 and many more. What’s more, its renewed lighting system will hypnotise you. The hours will turn into seconds. A mandatory stop if you happen to be in Madrid!

Lasers and crowd in one of the best techno clubs Madrid, Mondo Disko

LAB theClub 

Chamartín station has never been so colourful! Another big player in the capital with all sorts of sessions. LAB theClub, although a venue with a long history as Macumba, has reinvented itself and has gained followers at lightning speed in recent years thanks to its successful booking of artists.  The diversity and selection of their line-up stands out amongst the competitors, with house and tech-house at Oh Madre! and Space of Sound, techno and melodic at BeRenatta, hard techno and groove at Crow.

Lasers and large crowd in one of the best techno clubs Madrid, LAB theClub


One of the parties that has best ruled the big wave of hard techno in the capital. Blackworks has shaken the ground of the scene and won the hearts of the youngest ravers to the rhythm of the fastest and most powerful BPMs. You won’t spend a season without Nico Moreno, Trym, SNTS or I Hate Models, who are already part of the family.

In Madrid they tend to be based at La Riviera and Sala Groove, with bigger events at the Cubierta de Leganés. However, Blackworks is an itinerant movement that has managed to take its brand to events such as Brunch, Aquasella, Sophie Festival, Monegros and even the Amsterdam Dance Event. An event of records!

Large crowd with DJ in the middle at Blackworks club in Madrid


Another of the big reasons why you’ll be giving up your weekends on the sofa and Netflix is Stardust. The historic event has been bringing the best of techno, but especially hard techno, both consolidated and emerging, to Madrid since 2003

It is a party closely linked to the world of performance and BDSM, so each of its nights is a true hybrid of multiple artistic disciplines. Leather, latex, military boots and chains are almost a must in their setting. One of its greatest proposals on the Madrid scene is Skin, the most famous kink and queer resistance club in the city.

Performer dancing in nightclub Stardust in Madrid


Experience is often synonymous with know-how, and if you don’t believe it, come to Cassette Club to check it. Based in Sala Boite, this event has been turning Madrid’s nightlife upside down for almost 20 years with local talent and a sense of family that you can’t find in many other places. An atmosphere in which you will feel that those around you live for this music. Cassette is a place for the brave and immortal, because its parties are held on Sundays. So you know, get next Monday off because you will not regret what you will experience…

Crowd of people dancing at one of the best techno clubs Madrid, Cassette

You Are The Club

In the Atocha area, Sala Zenith is the home of You Are The Club, a recent but promising clubbing concept. In its first year of life, artists such as Nakadia or 753, always joined by its cast of residents including Asora, Axtral and Abraham García. It is a party that has tried to do things differently from the beginning, with actions such as the distribution of free water every two and a half hours or the possibility of using the drinks included without any time limit. They call themselves an ‘open minded’ and neutral club capable of including all kinds of audiences.

Crowd dancing in You Are The Club, one of the best techno clubs Madrid


The future is already here and Enigma holds it in its hands. This party, currently based in Sala On, has revolutionised the concept of nightlife with a proposal that has been able to read perfectly what the coming generations enjoy. In their nights you will find influences from gabber, hard-techno, acid, nightcore and much more in a queer, diverse and committed atmosphere. A diamond in the rough that is becoming one of our favourites. 

DJ playing and people dancing on the booth at Enigma party in Madrid
Image by @existentialpsychos


Hölleclub is an emerging collective from Madrid that is committed to mostly European techno, featuring artists such as BLANKA, Chontane, Zisko, Slin and Frederic at their events. Their parties are dominated by underground groove and are always held in a secret location that is delivered on the day of the event.  They also have their own record label, so keep an eye on them because they have a lot to offer!

Blurry lights and people dancing in Holleclub, Madrid

Anyone who has been to Madrid and its techno clubs knows that this list is quite short and that there are new proposals on the table all the time. So we can’t close this article without mentioning many other collectives and sessions where you can experience the pure essence of the industry. Among our favourites are Fernweh, Karne Culture, Home Club, Phase CTV, BOTOX and DinA0. But who will make you dance?

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