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The 17th anniversary of The Loft comes to Razzmatazz with the best industrial sound

“Let’s give them a dose of industrial avant-garde music” someone probably said between the passageways and offices of Razzmatazz. Like every year, February becomes the month of Razzmatazz for the faithful of the electronic sound. In other words, it becomes The Loft‘s month. The historic upper room of the multiclub (a space with its own story) always recalls its beginnings during the second month of the year. A few beginnings in which The Loft lived alien to Razzmatazz, as an independent club, immersed in the industrial aesthetics of the neighbourhood of Poblenou and dedicating to it a few nights of debauchery worthy of the best clubbing scenes in the world.

17 years have passed and many of the followers of the most genuine proposals of Barcelona‘s underground scene still rely on The Loft’s curatorship to spend some of their best nights. The Loft continues to be on Barcelona’s first night line and perhaps the main reason is that it has never renounced its origins, its initial essence, its authenticity and its artistic selection.

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The club’s 17th anniversary avoids massive line-ups, big festivals’ headliners and names with the largest relevance. That’s not The Loft’s style. In the famous Almogàvers street, we will return to the past with the special 90’s techno set by The Advent, one of the great pioneers of the genre. We will pop the soles of our shoes with Colin Benders‘ modular (acid-filled) live. We will fill our acidity even more with I-F. We will rejoice on the basis of eclecticism with Robert Hood or Derrick Carter. We will fly with the melodies of Kiasmos. We will tremble with the aggressiveness of Freddy K. We will be surprised by the b2b of Alessandro Adriani and Marsman. We will shout with the infallible Ben Sims. We will let Broken English Club move us with rhythms never heard before. And we will let Djedjotronic, Midland, Die Orangen and, of course, The Hacker keep The Loft in the spotlight for four dates that, for the 17th time, will write a new page in Razzmatazz’s history. Also in the history of Barcelona’s nightlife.


(Cover Image: © The Loft)



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