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Highlights, tips & info to live authentic going out experiences in Alicante

What time do people go out and how is the nightlife in Alicante?

Alicante is one of the three provincial capitals that make up the Valencian Community. And, as a good Spanish city, things here happen rather late. In Alicante, you eat dinner around 9 or even 10 pm. Even so, the bars and restaurants start working around 8 pm, as the first hungry tourists lurk and occupy the tables in the first shifts. In summer, Alicante becomes one of those cities that brings together tourists and locals, managing to create a very interesting international atmosphere when it comes to partying. During the rest of the year, it’s the people of Alicante who are in charge of keeping the city's nightlife alive (and so alive). In Alicante, it’s very common to go from bar to bar getting the right mood - "poniéndote a tono", as they say - either with beers, shots or drinks of all kinds. Commercial music abounds in these bars. But, if you are looking for underground music, you’ll find it.

Which are Alicante's best neighborhoods to go out?

A visit to Alicante cannot be signed without a visit to Calle Castaños. It’s one of the main references of the city. Near the Mercado Central, you can find many of the most typical bars for the famous "copeos" or "previas" (let's call them pre-parties). This is the ideal plan to warm up before going to the nightclub or discotheque. If we talk about clubs, then we should mention Metro Dance Club, without any doubt one of the great references in Alicante in terms of electronic music. Marmarela and Velice are other well-known clubs, as well as Stereo, Sala The One and Clan Cabaret, the last three located in the downtown historical center of the city. Young people usually go out in the Port area, as it happens in most of the Mediterranean cities in Spain. If you are visiting Alicante in the summer, sign up for a visit to Playa San Juan, the famous Explanada de España and Playa de Postiguet. This is where you will find all the summer beach parties.

How expensive is to go out in Alicante?

Alicante is far from being an expensive city. When it comes to clubbing, it's relatively easy to get your name on a guest list, for example by downloading the Xceed app and signing up for the clubs and plans you want. In this way, you will be able to access the club or disco before 1 am or 2 am (depending on each case) totally free. Otherwise, ticket prices will always be around 12€ or 15€, normally with a drink included, unless there is an international artist or DJ in the line-up.

What's the dress code in Alicante?

If you decide to party in the Port area, a little fancy dressing won't harm. If your plan is, on the contrary, to go to an indie, rock or electronic music club, you can afford to dress a little more relaxed.