Cartel del evento UNUM Festival 2019Cartel del evento UNUM Festival 2019
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UNUM Festival 2019

UNUM Festival

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The concept about to be introduced is the start of something new and exciting. This concept is characterized by five simple elements of life; music, sand, pines, the sea and the mountains. From 31st of May until 3rd of June 2019, these elements will come together to form an open-air electronic music festival on the Albanian Coastline. We present to you, UNUM FESTIVAL. UNUM in Latin means “One”. Not one as a number or measurement, not one as a singular, but One as a whole. The festival will be held at Rana e Hedhun, in the town of Shengjin, on the idyllic Albanian Coastline with three stages, hosting 50 international and local acts over the course of 4 days and 3 nights. Albania is a small country in the Southeast of Europe with Adriatic and Ionian coastlines, crossed by the Albanian Alps. The country’s Riviera is the last untouched scenery in Europe, filled with isolated bays and golden beaches. Rana e Hedhun is situated at the northwest corner of the country. It’s the type of place where the name of the festival really makes sense, with music and scenery coming together to form a blissful dream; sunlight glistening on the sea as you feel the sand beneath your feet, and the smooth sound of the wind softly gliding through the pine trees. All set against a mountain backdrop, the perfect space for hearing so many respected artists from around the world. This is what we want you to experience at UNUM FESTIVAL. We want you to feel everything and anything at the same time. We want you to BECOME ONE. LINE-UP JOSEPH CAPRIATI LUCIANO RICARDO VILLALOBOS ADRIATIQUE ALBANI HI-DINI ALTIN BOSHNJAKU AND.RE BAS IBELLINI BUTCH CAP CESAR MERVEILLE COLE CRAIG RICHARDS CRIS REY DASHA REDKINA DEMOS OLIVAN DEWALTA DIGBY DJ REAS DONNA DYED SOUNDOROM ENZO SIRAGUSA ERTI LUTAJ FERRO FLEKITZA FRANCO CINELLI GAME OVER DJ’s GEMZA GEORGE ADI GIANNI CALLIPARI HAJDAR BERISHA HUGO BIANCO IAN F. IGOR VICENTE ION LUDWIG LIVE JOEY DANIEL JONNY N’TRAVIS LAOLU LAYLLA DANE LEKË LEON LEPAYA LIKATEK MANOLACO MARGARET DYGAS MARIANO MATELJAN MARKO NASTIC MIKE SHANNON MINIMIM NEVERDOGS NIKIFOR OHMME OLIVER HESS ORIOL PEPE PETRE INSPIRESCU PHILIPP PRASLEA RARESH RAYO RINI SHKEMBI RRRRON SECRET 47 SKIZZO SONJA MOONEAR SHAUN REVEES TATU tINI TOBI NEUMANN TRAUMER VEGIM VERA VLADISLAV RASHKOV VOLKAN GUNDUZ WILLIAM DJOKO ZIP WHAT IS UNUM FESTIVAL? UNUM Festival is an electronic music festival. WHEN WILL UNUM FESTIVAL TAKE PLACE? May 31 to June 3 2019. WHERE WILL UNUM FESTIVAL TAKE THE PLACE? Rana e Hedhun beach - about 3.5km from the centre of Shengjin, Albania. WHERE IS ALBANIA? Albania is located in Southeast Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula and Adriatic Sea. Border countries are Montenegro, Kosovo, the Republic of Macedonia, and Greece. WHERE IS SHENGJIN? Shengjin is about 70 km away north from the capital Tirana. It is a resort located in the Lezhe region - a historically and culturally rich area that has a lot to offer to its visitors. WHAT IS SHENGJIN LIKE? Shengjin is a relatively small resort with a population of about 8,000 people. The locals are nice and friendly. There are many cafes, restaurants, bars, supermarkets, and ATMs around. There are also a port, police station, medical point, and pharmacies. The city of Lezhe is just 7km away, in case a more serious shopping, visit to the bank, hospital, etc. is needed. In fact, the Lezhe region offers very nice touristic sights. For the history fans there are the fortress of Lezhe, built between the 7th and 9th century A.C. over the ruins of an ancient city, and the Scanderbeg Memorial - dedicated to the greatest hero of Albania. For the nature lovers, there is the national reserve and lagoon Kunë Island, where a lot of rare birds and fish can be spotted. And of course, for the beach enthusiasts, you have the Rana e Hedhun and Shengjin beaches to enjoy. ARE SHENGJIN AND UNUM FESTIVAL SAFE TO VISIT? Yes. UNUM Festival happens under the official patronage and support of the Ministry of Tourism. The event is the result of the close coordination and cooperation between the Albanian Government and the UNUM Festival team. For the safety of visitors, Shengjin will be “closed” for outside visitors for the duration of the festival. The people with access would be the locals living there, staff, artists, press, and attendees - all having their respective wristbands to serve as accreditation. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO ATTEND UNUM FESTIVAL? The 4-day festival pass grants you access to the festival, unlimited re-entry, and free use of the festival shuttle. Prices start from EUR 139 and increase depending on which release phase the lineup is in. There are also package deals starting from EUR 239 and including a full festival ticket, 4 nights accommodation, airport transfer, and free use of the festival shuttle. WHAT DO I DO WITH MY TICKET AT THE FESTIVAL AND RESORT LOCATION? Upon purchase, you will get an email confirmation containing your purchase voucher. Upon your arrival, you need to pass by the Shengjin Info HQ located in the Rafaelo Resort and exchange the voucher for your festival wristband, as well as get directed to where you stay (if you booked accommodation, as well). WHAT DO I DO IF I LOSE MY TICKET? We will search for your name in the purchase history database and print a new voucher for you, which you can exchange. WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR PROBLEMS ABOUT MY PURCHASE OR TICKETING IN GENERAL? Please, drop us an email at and we will assist you. WHAT WILL THE WEATHER BE LIKE? The climate in Shengjin is typical for the Mediterranean coast. During this time of the year it is usually around 23-25 degrees Celsius. WHERE SHOULD I STAY? Check out the accommodation options at to book securely. WHAT ACCOMMODATION IS AVAILABLE? 2, 3, 4 and 5 star accommodation is available to book at WHY SHOULD I BOOK MY ACCOMMODATION THROUGH UNUM FESTIVAL? For convenience and peace of mind, of course :) And because we have carefully selected something to suit each taste. Should you want to stay in a villa with your big group of friends - we have it covered. Wish you stay in a luxurious 5 star property - we have that, too. Moreover, the route of the festival shuttle is designed according to the location of the offered properties. Meaning, you get a door to door shuttle service, saving you the precious energy you’d need for dancing. WHAT CONFIRMATION WILL I RECEIVE WHEN I BOOK MY PACKAGE/ACCOMMODATION? An email containing your purchase voucher. Upon your arrival, you need to pass by the Shengjin Info HQ located in the Rafaelo Resort and exchange the voucher for your festival wristband, as well as get directed to where you stay. WHAT DO I DO IF I NEED TO CHANGE SOMETHING ABOUT MY BOOKING? Write us an email at and we will assist you with whatever needed. CAN I ORGANISE MY OWN ACCOMMODATION? Of course you can! However, if you book privately, UNUM Festival cannot assist you or be responsible if anything goes wrong. Booking through is secure, transparent, and straight-forward. No hidden taxes, no extra fees - whatever you see at checkout is what you pay for. HOW LONG SHOULD I STAY? Plan your visit so you can be in Shengjin on May 31 (morning) and leave on June 4 (afternoon). If you ask us, best come on May 30 and/or leave on June 4, to have time to chill and explore the amazing area. Who can I speak to if I have any doubts or queries about my purchase or need accommodation information? For any questions regarding accommodation, please drop us an email at WHAT IS THE LANGUAGE SPOKEN IN ALBANIA? The official language is Albanian, but Italian and English are widely spoken. Other languages spoken are German and French. WHAT IS THE CURRENCY USED IN ALBANIA? Albanian Lek. Although it is best to have Albanian Lek at hand, Euros are accepted everywhere (100 Albanian Lek equal approx. 1 EUR) HOW SHOULD I TRAVEL? By Plane If you are traveling from outside the Balkans your best option is to come by plane. Airlines fly to Tirana International Airport from all over Europe, with daily landings from Italy, Austria, Turkey, Greece, UK, Belgium, and more. For the convenience of UNUM Festival attendees, we have organised airport transfers from/to the following airports: Tirana Airport to Shengjin: 51 km, approx. 1 hour drive Podgorica Airport (Montenegro) to Shengjin: 108 km, approx. 2 hour drive Prishtina Airport (Kosovo) to Shengjin: 217 km, approx. 3 hours drive The return transfer costs EUR 20 and can be purchased at By Boat If you are coming from Southern Italy, the Bari-Durres or Brindisi-Durres ferries are a good option to consider. For the convenience of UNUM Festival attendees, we have organised transfers from/to the port of Durres (about 1.5 hours away from Shengjin). The return transfer costs EUR 20 and can be purchased at By Car Shengjin is located in the northwest corner of Albania. By land, the closest borders are with Montenegro and Kosovo. Driving from Montenegro take route E762. Driving from Kosovo take the A1 highway. Driving from the Republic of Macedonia, take route SH3. If you wish to hire a car, you can do so - most major rental companies such as Hertz, Europcar, Enterprise, etc. operate in Albania, too. ARRIVING TO SHENGJIN If you have booked an organised airport/ferry transfer through the UNUM Festival website, you will be dropped off near the Shengjin Info HQ located on the ground floor of the Rafaelo Resort in the centre of Shengjin. There you can exchange your ticket/package voucher for your festival wristband and get directed to the place you will be staying at. If you arrive by car, you will be prompted to park your vehicle at one of the parking areas made available for the festival visitors. They are walking distance away from the Rafaelo Resort where the Shengjin Info HQ is located. Important information! Private vehicles will not be allowed in the festival area and driving to the festival site will not be possible due to health and safety measures. For the convenience of UNUM Festival attendees, we have organised a free festival shuttle that will run at short intervals from the centre of Shengjin to the festival gate and back 24/7. WHO CAN I SPEAK TO IF I HAVE QUESTIONS REGARDING MY TRAVEL OR NEED MORE INFORMATION? For any questions regarding travelling to the festival, please drop us an email at USEFUL CONTACTS For questions regarding travelling to the festival, please send us an email to

 At UNUM Festival WHICH ARTISTS ARE PLAYING AT UNUM FESTIVAL? See line-up above. WHAT IS THE EXACT TIMETABLE? Exact set times will be announced a few weeks before the festival. WHAT ARE THE OPENING AND CLOSING TIMES OF THE FESTIVAL? The festival gate opens at 12pm (noon) on Friday, May 31 and will continue until Monday 12 noon. The official programme goes on for four days and three nights non-stop. WHERE DO I GET MY FESTIVAL WRISTBAND FROM? Upon arrival to Shengjin, make your way to Shengjin Info HQ - UNUN Festival’s main info point. It is located on the ground floor of Rafaelo Resort in the centre of Shengjin. There you can exchange your ticket/package voucher for your festival wristband and get directed to the place you will be staying at. HOW DO I PAY AT THE FESTIVAL? UNUM Festival is cashless, meaning you can’t pay by cash at the bars or food area. So how do you pay, then? With your festival wristband. It uses RFID technology, which allows you to charge money to it online or at the topping up stations at the festival, so you can buy drinks and food. What if you don’t spend all the money charged to your wristband? Worry not. You can get a refund through the cashless system after the festival ends. CAN I LEAVE AND RE-ENTER THE FESTIVAL? Of course! We don’t expect you to not leave the party for three days :) HOW MANY STAGES ARE THERE AT THE FESTIVAL? There are three stages - Main, Beach, and Into The Pines Stage. WHAT IS THE TIMETABLE/OPENING HOURS FOR EACH STAGE? The Main Stage runs during the night. As soon as its programme finishes in the morning, the Beach Stage opens and runs until the night for the Main Stage to reopen. Into The Pines Stage runs non-stop throughout the whole festival. WHAT FACILITIES ARE WITHIN THE FESTIVAL GROUNDS? An amazing chill out zone with hammocks, pop up vintage festival clothing shop, small bazaar showcasing handmade jewellery and art, and body/face painting, massage, and yoga areas. A rich food & drinks area with many options to satisfy all tastes - locally grown and bio wherever possible. Many bars serving refreshments, cocktails, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and more. A cool beach area with sunbeds and volleyball facilities. And of course, toilets, first aid, info point, lost & found desk, topping up and charging stations. HOW MUCH WILL DRINKS COST? A bottle of water costs EUR 1. A bottle of beer EUR 2. A cocktail EUR 4. WHAT TYPES OF DRINKS WILL THERE BE? Wine & classic cocktails, mocktails, beer, liquor, water, fresh juices, smoothies, and more. HOW MUCH WILL FOOD COST? Similar to drink prices, food will be very affordable. EUR 2-5 for a good quality, decent size meal. WHAT TYPES OF FOOD STANDS WILL THERE BE? Grill place, pizza restaurant, salad & sandwich bar, vegan/veggie place, seafood restaurant, ice-cream & sweets place, vitamin bar, and more. CAN I BRING MY OWN FOOD AND DRINK INTO THE FESTIVAL? No, you can’t. Plus, why should you? The food and drinks at the festival are bio/local whenever possible and super carefully selected, to make sure you get the best nutrition possible to keep you dancing for many hours. And very affordable!! In case you have special dietary needs, drop us an email at to ask if we would be providing the food you (are allowed to) eat. WHAT CLOTHES/FOOTWEAR ARE SUITABLE FOR THE FESTIVAL? Bring your dancing shoes :) Anything that is comfortable on your feet and beach appropriate, meaning that these 6 inch stilettos you have in mind won’t do much in the sand. Get some flip-flops, too. As for clothing - the festival period is the beginning of the summer season in Albania, so it can be quite hot. Sun protection is a must, don’t forget about it. Of course, there is always the chance of rain or wind, we’re at the seaside, after all. Bring a sweater and a light windproof jacket, just in case. In order to make the best clothing choice, check the weather forecast prior to the festival regularly. Usually the three-to-five-days-ahead forecasts are the most accurate. WILL THERE BE LOCKERS OR A CLOAKROOM? Yes, near the festival entry. CAN I TAKE LUGGAGE/BACKPACK WITH ME TO THE FESTIVAL? Small backpacks only. They will be checked by the festival security at the gates. CAN I PAY BY DEBIT/CREDIT CARD INSIDE THE FESTIVAL? Yes you can. You can top up money to your festival wristband at the stations provided using your debit/credit card. WHAT CURRENCY WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THE FESTIVAL? Euros. WILL THERE BE WIFI OR INTERNET ACCESS AT THE FESTIVAL? Yes of course. Free access for all.

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