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Unum Festival is an open-air electronic music festival at “Rana e Hedhun” beach in Shengjin, Albania. The festival aims to promote the idyllic Albanian Coastline and aims to encourage and stimulate the electronic music culture in the region, by offering a variety of activities under the sound of many respected artists. “Unum” comes from the Latin name that translates to “One” as a whole. Not “One” as a singular, or a unit of measurement. Albania is a small country in the Southeast of Europe with Adriatic and Ionian coastlines, crossed by the Albanian Alps. The country’s Riviera is the last untouched scenery in Europe, filled with isolated bays and golden beaches. Rana e Hedhun is situated at the northwest corner of the country. It’s the type of place where the name of the festival really makes sense, with music and scenery coming together to form a blissful dream; sunlight glistening on the sea as you feel the sand beneath your feet and the paradise sound of the wind softly gliding through the pine trees. All set against a mountain backdrop, the perfect space for hearing so many respected artists from around the world. This is what we want our guests to experience at Unum. We want our guests to feel everything and anything at the same time. We want our guests to become One. By becoming One with the four elements of nature that characterize the concept of the festival – the sand, the pines, the sea and the mountains – we want our guests to leave the festival ground with an experience of a lifetime.

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Shëngjin, Shëngjin, Albania

UNUM Festival