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Highlights, tips & info to live authentic going out experiences in Genoa

What time do people go out and how is the nightlife in Genova?

The history of Genoa goes way back, having been one of the most important ports in the Mediterranean Sea. There is a lot to visit here, whether it’s the beautiful Acquario di Genova or the enchanting historical city center, made of small alleys and wonderful glimpses, surrounded by the scent of the sea. Vibrant during the day as well as at night, there are many places here where you can enjoy the typical cuisine or a good drink and, of course, there are also many clubs and events. From the sun to the stars, Genoa by night is a city to discover and it can offer a lot if you know how to look for the right places. In general, the timings in Genoa are similar as in the rest of the country. People sit to have lunch at 1 pm and dinner at 8 pm. Bars, especially during the weekend and in summer, start getting crowded around 6 pm, the standard “aperitivo” hour. Remember to try the "gotto" of Ligurian white wine or the "baxeichito", the famous Ligurian cocktail made with basil. And remember that here you’re on the sea, so finding a place where to enjoy the sunset while sipping a nice cocktail is very easy. Instead, if you want to drink after dinner, don’t worry, bars are open until 1 am during the week and 2 am at the weekend, and you might also be able to see a DJ set or a live concert. To continue living the night, keep in mind that the clubs start to fill up around 1 am and, depending on where they are, close between 4 and 5 am. Like any seaside town, perhaps more for fame than anything else, you have to be a little bit careful. However, apart from the area of Stazione Principe, you can easily wander around the city even at night. Drinking alcohol outdoors is allowed, indeed it's a tradition, but keep everything clean and don't leave your glasses on the street. Also, try not to make too much noise in the historical center or you could get into trouble, if not with the police, almost certainly with some annoying neighbors.

Which are Genova's best neighborhoods to go out?

Genoa is a city which satisfies everyone's musical tastes, from the Caribbean and Latin rhythms, which can be found mainly in the clubs along the seafront, to the numerous jazz music nights. There are also proposals of rock, with tribute bands, indie, pop and electronic music, including the silent one. Especially during the weekend, the alleys in the center become the main meeting point of the city. People here usually have their drinks put in a plastic glass and enjoy it outdoors, often walking between one "caruggio” (small street) and the other. Near the very central Piazza de Ferrari, the most popular areas in the evening are San Lorenzo, Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza San Donato and Via di Ravecca, full of taverns, restaurants, lounge bars and clubs. In particular in Piazza delle Erbe, to keep in mind are 28Erbe, Gradisca, Biggie, Bar Berto and Caffè Letterario, one next to the other and frequented especially in winter. One of the other most suggestive places in Genoa is Piazza Lavagna, characterized by a more adult nightlife (over 25) and, in general, by a quieter atmosphere compared to the other squares. GloGlo Bistrot, Exultate, Tire Bouchon and N°10 are among the most popular places in the area. Via Garibaldi and Via Maddalena are the two most "alternative" streets of the city, while the most modern area is the Porto Antico (the Old Port), where you can find many shops, restaurants, bars and trendy clubs, such as Banano Tsunami or Fronte del Porto. The area of Boccadesse, in particular the promenade of Corso Italia, is frequented especially in summer and is full of venues, including Estoril Beach Club, BBQ, Mae Ma Mucca Bar and Mako. Many of these clubs are restaurants as well as cocktail bars and nightclubs, making it the perfect area where to enjoy the evening from afternoon until dawn. If you want to drink well remember Les Rouge, Cantine Matteotti and Malkovich (but here you will need a password to get in). Piazzale delle Feste is where the big events take place, such as the Genova Hip Hop Festival. In Palazzo Ducale instead, several times a year the long-awaited Silent Disco is held, and everyone dances under the stars, but without making too much noise. If you're looking for electronic music then your places are the Mantra Club and Casa Mia Club, home of the Free Soul Crew and RST events. For jazz music, you can choose between Borgoclub, Lousiana Jazz Club, La Bottega del Conte or Count Basie Jazz Club, while for indie music there are Senhor Bonfim and Madeleine Café. The performances here are rigorously live. Other places to keep in mind are Britannia Pub, for rock, Cezanne, for a more adult audience, as well as Hemingway's Pub, La Tartana and Piccolo Mondo. Not to be missed in the old town is Zaccaria, where on Thursdays you can find DJ sets and live concerts. In general, the clubs where you can go dancing are almost all outside the old town, towards the Ligurian Riviera.

How expensive is to go out in Genova?

Farinata, focaccia di Recco, pesto alla genovese, or a dish of fresh fish. In terms of eating, in Genoa, you'll be really spoilt with choice. In the kiosks along the road, a focaccia can cost around 3€ and trust us, it's really delicious. Eating in a restaurant can cost between €20 and €30 per person. Drinking, depending on where you go, is not always cheap. The quality of some places can make you spend also 10€ for just one cocktail, but in general, you can find them starting from 5€, while a beer will cost between 3€ and 5€. Several places here in Genoa go from restaurants to lounge bars and also clubs at night; if you are here from dinner time you won't have to pay the entry fee to the club, otherwise, the price is around 10€. The biggest events, however, with international headlining DJs can cost something extra, but almost never more than 25€. Often the entrance fee includes at least one drink, but generally in clubs drinking costs around €8.

What's the dress code in Genova?

Genoa is a seaside city and, as such, in winter it has a mild climate while in summer it can become very hot. Dress accordingly, keeping in mind that only for the “coolest” and commercial places you’ll have to choose a more elegant outfit. All the other places don’t mind too much, and you shouldn’t either, dress as you wish.