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Welcome to Casa Bofarull, convincing and conquering palates since 1835. Los Caracoles is a "charismatic and historical" restaurant, with "high quality traditional cuisine". It was in that year, the 35th of the 19th century, when the Bofarull family decided to found what is now one of the most charismatic and charming corners of Barcelona. At first, it was named after the family, but their most famous dish, snails, ended up giving it the name we know today. Almost 200 years and four generations later, the Bofarull family still runs the restaurant, faithful to the concept of popular cuisine that saw them through. We are not talking about a well-known and famous restaurant only among the people of Barcelona. Far from it. We are talking about a restaurant with an international reputation. Famous people from all sectors (cinema, finance, fashion, politics, entertainment) always come to eat at Los Caracoles when they visit Barcelona. Lenny Kravitz, Jimmy Carter, Robert de Niro, Giorgio Armani, Joan Miró or Salvador Dalí are just a few examples. These eminences find in Los Caracoles, not only a menu full of good taste, but a place that emanates history of Barcelona to every corner to discover. Not in vain did it receive the Medal of Merit for Tourism. To recap: we are in the heart of Las Ramblas, in a restaurant with more than 180 years of history, run by the heirs of the family that founded it in 1835, and ready to enjoy a very extensive menu based on traditional cuisine, with options for groups and an uninterrupted schedule from 1:15 pm to midnight. Special "Los Caracoles" snails (of course), clams with artichoke hearts, lobster paella, T-bone steak aged 40 days cooked on hot stone, and all kinds of traditional rice dishes, fish and seafood, meat, and soups, vegetables and pasta await you. A must see and always, always, always a wise choice.









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Carrer dels Escudellers, 14, Barcelona, Spain

Los Caracoles

Carrer dels Escudellers, 14