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"We are the day and the night" and "we are what we eat". With these two statements, Ethniko Barcelona was introduced to the city when it was inaugurated in May 2019. During the day, Ethniko is a bar/restaurant. At night, it mutates into a cocktail and drink bar with a dance floor and DJ booth. Its atmosphere is young and cosmopolitan, it maintains a certain hipster and cool touch, as the music that is usually played there. Local DJs from the city, generally of deep house, ethnical and derivative styles, frequent its booth. Ethniko is a coordinate to keep in mind for the first beats of a party night in Barcelona. In their restaurant, their focus is the famous Mediterranean Diet. As they themselves say, "not because we are in Spain, but because, over the centuries, it has been proven to be the healthiest diet in the world".

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Passeig de Joan de Borbó 74, Barcelona, Spain

Ethniko Barcelona

Passeig de Joan de Borbó 74