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What time do people go out and how is the nightlife in Naples?

Naples, the city of smiles, sun, sea and pizza which yes, might seem a commonplace, but it’s the truth. A paradise of the Mediterranean Sea, characterized by an enviable and millenary history. The coast is surrounded by mountain landscapes and iconic ruins, which make this city an open-air museum. A city which has a lot to offer, including art, culture, good cuisine and even nightlife. We must not forget that it’s one of the homelands of techno music! Whether you're here to eat a good pizza or have fun with friends, you can trust that Naples won’t disappoint you. Eating in Naples is an experience you should try at least once in your life. Just mentioning the famous pizza margherita you realize that yes, it's a must. But be careful, eating in one of the historical places of Naples such as Sorbillo or Da Michele, can mean having to stand in a queue for hours! However, usually dinner is around 9:30 pm and if you want to eat fresh fish, there are many restaurants around the city where you don't spend much. People move to the bars around 11 pm, but this is quite relative, depending on how crowded the restaurants are and, of course, the day of the week. If you want to go dancing, the clubs open around 11:30 pm, but they get crowded around 1 am and close more or less all at 6 am. Naples is a wonderful city, which should surely be marked among the places to visit. You have to be careful, as in any big city, but it isn't more dangerous than any other Italian metropolis. This means you can walk around the city safely even at night, you will always find someone on the streets enjoying it exactly as you are doing. After parties in Naples can be found, but they are not very common, unless they are those spent on the beach waiting for the sunrise. If you decide to go swimming though, watch out for the non-bathing areas!

Which are Naples' best neighborhoods to go out?

Italian music has a great piece of heart in Naples, the partenopean capital counts many important artists. And, as we have already mentioned, it’s one of the homelands of techno music. Legends such as Rino Cerrone, Joseph Capriati, Gaetano Parisio and Marco Carola come from here. But in Naples you can really find everything, so your musical tastes will certainly not be disappointed. Remaining on the electronic music side, the best-known venue is definitely Duel Club where, in addition to techno, there is also house music. Occasionally, also Ex Lanificio 25, loved especially by hipsters, organizes electronic music events. More nights of this kind are hosted at Arenile di Bagnoli, where, however, commercial music usually prevails. Be careful, although this area is near the sea, the water is not suitable for bathing, so you better not consider an after party here! Back to the clubs, Moses is one of the only ones where they often play all night long sets, which aren't very common in Naples. If you're looking for something more commercial, the Common Ground, depending on the night, offers commercial, reggaeton and hip hop. Alternatively, there's Bruttino, a new club which occasionally organizes mainstream music events. La Mela, a historical club in Naples which has been open for over 50 years, is one of the “coolest”, together with Ex Cinema Ambasciatori. In the city, nightlife is concentrated mainly in the historical centre, starting from Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, continuing through Spaccanapoli and arriving in Piazza Bellini, the hipster area, frequented mainly by Erasmus students. This obviously means that prices here are lower. Every bar you'll find is worth the other, being quite simple, but it's the square that does it all. It's the busiest of the various squares in the area, and it's where many young people spend their evenings, without going to any club. Vomero, in the upper part of the city, is one of the most chic and stylish areas, where you'll find bars and restaurants with slightly higher prices. Another chic area is Chiaia Riviera, where there are many places to eat and, in the streets that get to Piazza San Pasquale, many bars which stay open until late. You can decide whether to enjoy a takeaway cocktail, or sit comfortably in one of the lounge bars of the area. Moving from Chiaia you get to the Lungomare, the seafront, where there are many restaurants and even more lounge bars. During the weekends you can also find events organized by the municipality, such as fairs and small festivals. Two other recommended areas are Castel dell'Ovo, near the port, if you are still looking for bars, and Bagnoli, where you’ll find some of the historical clubs of Naples such as Arenile di Bagnoli, followed by a row of other clubs, very spacious and almost always full.

How expensive is to go out in Naples?

If you want to start your evening by going out to eat, the cost of the dinner will depend very much on where you decide to go. For example, in the Mare Chiaro area, the standard is quite high and a dinner will cost you between 60€ and 70€. But don't worry, in the historical city center you'll spend much less: a dinner with main and second course will cost between 15€ and 25€, a pizza instead, as already said really delicious and not to be missed, will cost between 8€ and 10€. Also the cost of drinking depends on the area where you are, but keep in mind that if you want to drink cheaply, in Piazza Bellini you can find beer for 1€. If you want to go clubbing, unless there's an event with a special guest for which you can also pay 25€, the entrance is almost always free but with a mandatory drink, which usually costs between 10€ and 15€.

What's the dress code in Naples?

Naples, when it comes to fashion, is one of the first Italian cities that comes to mind, for all the boutiques of tailor-made clothes and shoes, famous all over the world. Okay, to go dancing you won't need a suit, but depending on the area you'll have to adapt a little bit to the dress code: in the most fashionable areas a shirt and elegant pants for him and a nice dress for her, while in the quieter areas like the square, dress as you feel more comfortable. In the clubs, same rule: the more commercial ones require a bit more elegant dress code, while the alternative and electronic music ones don't set many limits, just have fun!